"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." Anaïs Nin

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

"We Are Deaf"

I have watched a few of these videos now and again. I'm happy to see there are some captions on here. I was always disappointed that there were no captions available on the actual series for hard of hearing just learning signs, or the "newly deaf" learning to sign. Some of us don't know anyone around us who use Sign Language, some are home bound, have no transportation, or not able to afford costly classes, so the next best thing is to find educational ASL videos online. These were interesting because you see other deaf people around the world, a bit of their culture, signs which are variously different from ASL.

Joel Barrish is a GREAT host to watch as he travels and interviews people.

The video:  http://deafnation.com/joelbarish/people/we-are-deaf/

The back story of the video:  http://deafnation.com/we-are-deaf-behind-the-scenes/


  1. Of course there was no captions, but just subtitles. btw, signs which are variously different from ASL??? I think you need go to school to do homework on the deaf studies and sign language history because ASL is only in North Americans unless if you are hearing. Your article is useless and outdated.

    1. I didn't see subtitles or captions when I viewed the series online. This special episode had the words appear at the begining. The signs I learned out west are different from what I am seeing here in the East. Signs are just like accents, vernacular, dialects, they vary from region to region. The signs of some of the people interviewed on some of the episodes of the series are different, as well. Have you watched any of these episodes at all? Many countries have their own Signs, there is Auslan in Australia, for example.

      ASL signs are currently being taught all over the world now by teachers in schools that teach English as a second language. There are now also Signing Time instructors in South America, Japan, Africa, and other places. Check out what Signing Time is doing in Ghana:

  2. I believe you wont approval my message. You need to study on deaf culture as well.

    1. Robert, you really need to start reading my posts a little more closely, and especially some of my earlier ones. It would save us both a lot of "repeat" points and conversations.

  3. Amy Strassner Sargent (Deaf Girl Amy) left this link on my page to share with my readers. This is a link to learn ASL FREE online: http://www.lifeprint.com/