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Monday, January 23, 2012

My "Hearing" Husband's Thoughts On Deafness in Our Society Today

My Fabulous Husband just posted this on his FB page. This is his heart today:

Question is being deaf a disability? I know from being happily married to a deaf spouse that there still are many barriers. But in mainstream U.S.A.,  we have almost if not all places with handicap/disability parking, ramps or accessible areas ie. elevators/escalators. Most if not all have braille to guide the blind or sight impaired. They allow service dogs in areas where normally no pets are allowed. Now just take a minute and think about this.

Most business, churches, supermarkets, have no help for the deaf. Phone systems are just about useless if you use a relay system. Automated answering systems don't allow enough time for the response after a Calling Agent or Relay Operator reads the prompts, they get disconnected. Now we really have just about all answering systems in Spanish or a Spanish prompt, but ASL/Sign language is another language, thus the title.

I am trying hard to understand this. Some deaf people tell me it is Deaf culture. But some want more equality, like my family. We have challenges with activities like attending church, lack of interpreters or being denied them. Recently there are movies now with open captions. Most doctor offices now if they are told will provide an interpreter for visits.

Our child’s school once aware of our need provides front row seating near the front for assemblies, whereas some places chose to seat the deaf in the back of the activity. Or complain there are not enough deaf people to provide interpreters. Others that have interpreters chose not to advertise there is a deaf service with interpreters, or even when they can have classes with interpreters.

I can only imagine with parents of children with autism, or related traits must have to deal with daily issue out there.

My heart and prayers go out to all who face these issues.

Sorry about this it was heavy on my mind and heart and just wanted to post it for others.

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