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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Cell Phone for Blind, Hearing Impaired

photo credit LG

I learned about this new cell phone for blind, hearing impaired people at the recent TRS meeting in Harrisburg from Amy Goldman of the TDD PIAT program.
This new smart phone for people with BOTH hearing and vision loss is affordable at the cost of only $30.00.  http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-6452_7-57588016/lg-optimus-f3-a-$30-android-phone-for-blind-hearing-impaired/
While the phone is available at a reasonable cost, not everyone can afford wireless service and equipment. There is also communication equipment and funding available for Deaf/blind Pennsylvanians through http://www.icanconnect.org/ at no charge.
Please note that only Pennsylvanians who have BOTH, hearing AND vision loss  are eligible to apply.
To find out if equipment and service are available to you in your area, call your state PUC office and get connected. The links I posted above are for the state of Pennsylvania only.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This Simple Solution Can Save Lives

The story below broke November 24, 2011. There is absolutely no need for this to happen to ANYONE. Future incidents like this can be avoided simply by educating our police departments as well as all those that serve public duties. The simple solution is to have training at the academies and regularly on the job.  A fine example of that would look like is shown in the video below the story. The officer involved in the incident had been on the job only one month. Had the officer had some kind of training with deaf awareness before the job started, Mr. Anthony would not have died at the hands of an agency that is to serve and protect. 

Deaf, Disabled Senior Citizen on Bicycle Deemed Threat by Police, Tased to Death

If, in the euphemistic police state in which we currently live, pepper-spray is a taco condiment, that would make tasing...what? A joy-buzzing compliance aid? Sure, let's call it that. Now can someone explain to me why Officer John Turner of Scotland Neck, North Carolina's police department felt the need to use a joy-buzzing compliance aid on an 61-year-old, disabled man with a hearing impairment who was riding down the street on a bicycle? Because that man is now dead.
The call came on Monday night, and it made mention of a man who had fallen off his bicycle and injured himself in a parking lot. So Officer Turner pulled up to the scene, and found Roger Anthony — a local fixture who people call "Rabbit" because he had big ears — rolling down the street on his bicycle. Turner followed Anthony in his patrol vehicle, sirens blaring, and ordered him to pull over. Anthony didn't respond.
Williams said Turner then saw Anthony take something out his pocket and put it into his mouth. At that time, Turner got out of the car and yelled for Anthony to stop. When Anthony didn't stop, the officer used a stun gun on him, causing him to fall off of his bike.
Anthony was taken to a hospital, where he was declared brain dead. He was taken off life support on Tuesday. According to Anthony's sister, her brother was disabled, had frequent seizures and trouble hearing. He lived in an independent living community, and "used to smoke cigarettes, drink coffee and ride his bicycle around town." That's what Rabbit liked to do.
This was Turner's first month on the force. He's currently on administrative leave while the incident is investigated. [WRALScreengrab via WRAL]  http://gawker.com/5862447/deaf-disabled-senior-citizen-on-bicycle-deemed-threat-by-police-tased-to-death
 Look at what the Federick Police Department and the Maryland School for the Deaf are doing TOGETHER.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

"Deaf Awareness: Face Me When You Talk"

SayWhatClub posted this on their Facebook page  This video posted on YouTube by ndcwebteam is a helpful example to share with people who do not understand the issues that come with hearing loss or deafness. It's clever how they used blur on the captions to make the point visually, as well. What an excellent video for deaf awareness!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

VBS for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

West Shore Evangelical Free Church is making it's Vacation Bible School accessible again this year!
We are inviting all deaf children ages 4 through completed 5th grade to attend.
Interpreters and signers will be working throughout the VBS environment to make it completely accessible.  This is an integrated concept.

Theme:  Kingdom Chronicles, Standing Strong in the Battle for Truth (see flyer attached)
With The Kingdom Chronicles, your brave knights and fair maidens will be equipped to put on the full armor of God so they can stand strong in the battle for truth. They'll love the fun songs, the daily skits, and the “Truth or Error” game.
Dates: 7/29 - 8/2
Time: 6pm - 8:45pm
West Shore E. Free Church, 1345 Williams Grove Road, Mechanicsburg, PA  17055

Register online:  www.westshorefree.com or call 717-620-2330 ext. 162
Registration BEGINS June 24 and ENDS July 28
Registration is also accepted each night of VBS.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Father and Son" by Cat Stevens Interpreted by Tiffany Currier

One of my favorite YouTube interpretive signers is Tiffany. She recently interpreted a song by Cat Stevens, "Father and Son".


If you like to watch Tiffany's interpretations, be sure to click "like" and subscribe to her channel.

Monday, June 10, 2013

In Search of ASL Volunteers for VBS Kids

The message below is from Jenice of deafkonnect in hopes to find ASL volunteers able to help these kids out this summer. I was unable to download the flyer to share with you (my computer has security software I am unable to change settings). The contact email is at the bottom.

West Shore E Free Church is asking for signers to volunteer to make the Vacation Bible School (VBS) accessible to deaf children again this year. We had two children last year (one deaf, one HoH) and hope to have more this year as word gets around. 
This year, the VBS takes place Monday - Friday, July 29 - August 2, 6pm - 8:45pm at 

West Shore E. Free Church, 1345 Williams Grove Road, Mechanicsburg 
This year, the theme is Kingdom Chronicles, like crusaders in search of the truth, and putting temptation on the run with the point of one's sword (the Word of God).  You can look it up here: http://answersvbs.com/2013/  Feel free to print out the flyer attached, and pass this info around to anyone you know who might be interested. 
We're assembling our volunteers now, and will need about a dozen.  Last year we had a wonderful time, and hope to make each year better for the volunteers as well as for the kids. 

We are looking for 3 or 4 people especially to commit to practicing the songs (and attending song practice meetings), and 2 or 3 volunteers to interpret announcements at the beginning and end, interpret the lesson, and interpret the special interest part (the church's VBS always highlights a specific ministry that the children's tithes will be donated to, such as World Vision for a child's welfare, Cure International for a child's surgery, etc.)

We're also going to need a volunteer for each of the grade levels (that's 5 volunteers) and for each of the stations (that's another 3-4 volunteers).  Stations are snacks, games, and crafts.  (One could potentially handle more than one assignment.)
It is one of my most passionate soap boxes that families with deaf children have no spiritual support in the greater Harrisburg area.  There are no churches that provide interpreted or signed church services or religious activites for the deaf children in our area.  (If there is one, let me know.  I don't want to give out false information!)  Who better to reach with the gospel??  How better to use your signing skills to help others? 
If interested, or want to know more, reply to this email, and we'll get in touch with you!
Thank you all so much for considering this opportunity to use your signing skills to help deaf children hear about Jesus!
Jenice         deafkonnect@gmail.com

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Will U Stand? The Campaign

This duet is sung by siblings Charleigh and Justin Gere. Their mother, Heather invited young people from all over to take part in this moving music video calling us to action and to "stand". There are ASL signers incorporated into parts of the video. Heather also took the time to add the captions.

Be sure to hop over http://www.willustand.com/ and see what a wonderful movement these fabulous young people have started. While you're there, add your "pin" to the map to show where you are standing and supporting this movement.