"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." Anaïs Nin

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Friday, September 25, 2015

National Daughter's Day 9/25/2015

Happy National Daughter's Day!  I love the child you were, and the woman you have become, Mary!

Mary is beautiful..... Inside as well as out. Mary loves deeply in ways some people would never understand, and in ways I highly admire.  Hoping she someday writes and shares her story. She has gone through difficult things in her young life, and despite what she has been through, she graciously forgives and loves through all of it without becoming bitter, hateful or vengeful. She has amazing people skills and problem solving skills and truly wants the best for everyone. I not only love her, I highly admire her.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Oticon's "Focus on People" Candidates for 2015

Here are the nominees for the National "Focus On People" 2015-2016. Read each story and cast your vote for one person in each category. 
As last year's winner for Advocacy, I can say  Oticon is a company that truly does put "People First".

Friday, September 4, 2015

Selling Our Cottage on the Coast

We put my mother's corner lot cottage on the Southern Oregon Coast up for sale. It's a charming old home and right by the park a few blocks from the library and downtown. If you know anyone looking to buy an inexpensive home and likes to fix things up, this would be perfect!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

How Far You Go in Life Depends On...

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, 
compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant
 of the weak and strong.  Because some day in life you will have been 
all of these.
- George Washington Carver

Friday, August 21, 2015

Bad Lipreading "Republican Debate"

The young men who created the "Bad Lipreading" series do a fabulously hysterical job! I often misread what is on the lips, but grateful I don't misread this badly.  If you need captions, be sure they are turned on.


Friday, July 31, 2015

Reiki - An Interview with Rickie Meryl Freedman

My friend and mentor Rickie, aka "Reiki by Rickie"  was recently interviewed by Amy of ABC Channel 27 News program Good Day PA. Below is the transcript Teresa Russ, professional captionist provided for me. There will be captions available for the video soon, as well.

Good Day PA video link is below the transcript:

ABC Channel 27 News
An Interview with Rickie Freedman
Reiki By Rickie

GOOD DAY PA: When it comes to healing techniques like Reiki, I think some people are skeptical of whether or not the practice actually works, but for some, it has a profound effect on their health and well being. Rickie Freedman is the owner of Reiki by Rickie, and she is here to get us on board with it.
Honestly, before I met you and experienced it, I wasn't really sure what Reiki was; so I'm sure there's lots of folks that feel that way; so what is it, Rickie?

RICKIE FREEDMAN: True. A lot of people are skeptical the first time that they try it, and it's very much an experience once you feel it, then you understand it, but Reiki is a very gentle and very deeply relaxing hands on healing. It was originally from Japan, primarily, for stress management, and we know that stress on your lives probably 90 some percent of doctor's visits.
Helping people relax is a very deeply healing experience itself; so Reiki helps to balance your energy, and then you feel more peaceful and able to handle all the stresses around you and in a much more calm way.

GOOD DAY PA: I mean, what is a session like? What happens during a session?

RICKIE FREEDMAN: Yeah, so Reiki is a very comfortable session.
You get to be fully clothed. You're on a massage table, and there's absolutely nothing that you need to do or think about or try. You get to just relax and allow and be. It consists of a gentle-like touch and also some balancing in your energy. Reiki is an energy balancing. A lot of people can feel that even though I'm not physically touching them. GOOD DAY PA: Yes, you had described that to me.

RICKIE FREEDMAN: So people describe feelings of warmth, tingling, sometimes vibration. Many people fall asleep or go to a very deep meditative state where your mind is finally quieted and that is a very healing place to be.

GOOD DAY PA: Well, Rickie was so nice. She actually let me come experience it before your appearance here on the show. I found it very relaxing, and I told you that, when you were doing this with me, I did feel like my face felt warm at some point, you know, and now I was under a nice cozy blanket, which was lovely, but I did feel that warmth.
It just felt so relaxing like I could have just zoned out from everyday life for a little bit. Do other folks share the similar experience?

RICKIE FREEDMAN: Absolutely, yes, and that deep sense of peace and calm and relaxation is a very common after effective Reiki, and when you go back out into the world with that more peaceful centered place, you're able to handle all the stresses around you much easier, and so Reiki can be experienced by everyone.
Everyone can tolerate because how gentle it is; so from the tiniest little newborn infants to women who are pregnant to even people on a hospice program because of how gentle it is. It can help bring a more peaceful acceptance, also can help with pain or side effects of medication.

GOOD DAY PA: Well, I want to get to the special event that is coming up. This is really neat. I mean, who doesn't love a fun time at sea so tell me about this.

RICKIE FREEDMAN: This is a really unusual opportunity. Next
January, January 16th of 2016, I'm co-producing the Healing
Water Holistic Cruise with Scott Travel in the Canonsburg; so in addition to all the regular cruise and fun and activities, you'll get to experience the work of six healers and practitioners as they share sessions and workshops onboard --

GOOD DAY PA: Now, another thing our audience -- excuse me -- might be interested in is a special offer you have just for the Day PA viewers today. 

RICKIE FREEDMAN: That’s right. Anyone who contacts me by the end of this month we can get you scheduled for your first session in ReikiSpace & Learning Place, and you'll receive a ten-dollar discount.

GOOD DAY PA: Woohoo! Ten-dollar discount. Love when folks bring offers for our viewers.
It was lovely having you on the show today. You're going to come back with us to share more about this in the coming weeks.

RICKIE FREEDMAN: Looking forward to it.

GOOD DAY PA: Okay. Ricky, good to see you. We'll see you again soon.
[End of Transcript]

Transcribed by:
Teresa Russ, CSR, CRI
Certified Court Reporter
CART/Provider Captioner
(For the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing)

Click here to see the video (captions coming soon): http://abc27.com/2015/07/16/reiki-by-rickie/

If you need videos transcribed or captioned, I highly recommend you contact Teresa Russ. She is fabulous!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I've Opened my Reiki Practice

I'm so excited to share with you that I've set up my Reiki Practice here in Bandon at The Synergy Center. This article is a little outdated, but it tells you a little more about what Synergy Center is all about. It is a priviledge to be working with Jackie Day and the other professionals that have made Synergy Center what it is.

Currently, I facilitate 2 Reiki Shares a month. Anyone who has had at least level 1 Reiki training is invited to join us. We meet together and exchange Reiki as a group.

In addition to the shares, I am now offering private Reiki sessions to clients, and soon offering classes of each level.

Come take a peek at our Facebook page, and support it by giving it a "like" while you're there. I would really appreciate that.


You'll find my email address on the Facebook page if you want to know more about Reiki.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Beautiful Scientific Aspect of Reiki

The word is spreading I can tell pregnant women the sex of their baby BEFORE their ultrasound reveals the gender. Two women asked me yesterday what they were having. So far, the accuracy percentage is 100%.

My trick? No trick.. It's Science! Male and female genders are created magnetically/energetically differently. 

I learned this during my Reiki practice at the end of a session when I was making sure all the client's energy centers (chakras) were unblocked with a final scan. Her Sacral Chakra responded differently, and I realized she was expecting... And she was going to have a girl. After her session, I asked if she wanted to know the sex of her baby. She said, "Yes", and I told her she was expecting a girl. And she did have a girl! 

Since then, I share this in my Reiki classes and with others learning about energy work.

If you're interested in taking a Reiki class with me, or scheduling a private Reiki session for yourself, contact me at xpressivehandz@hotmail.com

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day, My Fabulous Husband

Happy Father's Day, Fabulous Husband, Gary. I honor you as the Father to my children and Grandfather to my grandchildren. You are a precious gift and God's blessing to us. I honor you and all that you are and all that you mean to us with love, admiration and appreciation. You are deeply loved.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

ASL Classes and Bible Studies, Harrisburg, PA area

Here is the latest information for happenings with DeafKonnect in the Harrisburg, PA area:

DeafKonnect – a Ministry by and for members of the Deaf Community in the greater Harrisburg area.

Pray, Preach, Teach, Reach
PRAY: Prayer takes place throughout the ministry’s activities: before and after classes and events.
  • Rev. Martin Lewis (Deaf) leads Bible Class on Sunday mornings at 9:30 on the gym stage.
  • WSEFC’s Worship Service (10:45am) is interpreted weekly by certified &/or qualified interpreters.
  • Bible study is conducted on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month at 6:30pm, where each attendee is encouraged to bring a Bible verse to share.
  • ASL classes are taught in the spring and fall.
  • The church’s annual Vacation Bible School is fully accessible via signers and interpreters throughout the program.
  • DeafKonnect sponsors several outreach activities throughout the year, such as a summer picnic, and ice cream socials.  
Calendar of Events:
  • July 11, 1-8pm, Deaf Picnic at the pavilion
  • Fall 2015 Beginner Sign Language class – dates, times, locations, etc. TBA
  • Fall 2015 Harley Davidson York interpreted tour – date & time TBA

Friday, May 29, 2015

2015 Oticon "Focus on People Awards" Now Accepting Nominations


2015 Oticon Focus on People Awards Seek Outstanding People with Hearing Loss 
For National Recognition and Prizes 

SOMERSET, NJ   May 28 -- Oticon, Inc. is now accepting nominations for the 2015 Oticon Focus on People Awards. The national awards program, now in its 17th year, celebrates the accomplishments of people with hearing loss who demonstrate that hearing loss does not limit a person’s ability to achieve, contribute and excel.  

People with any degree of hearing loss – from mild to more severe -- are eligible. Winners in four categories earn cash prizes, donations to their favorite charities and Oticon hearing solutions with BrainHearing™ technology. 

The four categories include: Student, for full-time students, ages 6 - 25 with hearing lossAdult, for people age 21 and above with hearing loss; Advocacy, for volunteers ages 21 and above with hearing loss who support the hard-of-hearing and deaf community; and Practitioner, for hearing care professionals in general practice, school and clinical settings who go “above and beyond.”  Nominees in the Practitioner category are not required to have a hearing loss to qualify. 

First place winners in the Student, Adult and Advocacy categories receive a $1,000 prize, a $1,000 gift to the charity of their choice and a set of Oticon BrainHearing™ technology hearing solutions.  Second place winners in each category receive a $500 award and third-place winners receive $250.   

Anyone may nominate using a simple online form available at www.oticonusa.com/FOP.  Deadline for nominations is July 15, 2015.

You can read my experience as a 2014 winner here: 


Monday, May 11, 2015

Princess Ewauna and the Legend of Face Rock (photo by Gary Edmiston)

I love living in the small coastal community of Bandon. My Fabulous Husband was up very early one morning to catch the moon over Face Rock before it dipped into the sea. I love how he also caught the reflection of the moon along the shoreline. Below the photo is the Legend of Face Rock, as found on the Coastal Muse page.

Face Rock, Bandon, Oregon Photo by Gary Edmiston

"The Legend of Face Rock"

Many, many years ago, the legend begins from the Nah-So-Mah tribe. Chief Siskiyou, from the far mountains, traveled with his family and clansmen to the coast to trade with the four tribes who lived by the great sea they called Wecoma.

In his honor, the four chiefs planned the greatest potlatch in all memory. They roasted bear, salmon, elk and deer. Huge quantities of clams and mussels were steamed. Cedar bark trays were filled with honey and red and blue huckleberries.
The local tribes were all in great fear of Seatka, the evil spirit who lived in the sea. It was feared that Seatka might cause trouble for the people and their guest. Armed warriors stood guard on the bluff. However Princess Ewauna, the beautiful daughter of Chief Siskiyou, and those in her tribe who lived in the mountains were not afraid.

Ewauna was enchanted by the sea. After the feast when people were sleeping, she slipped away from camp, carrying a basket with her cat and kittens nestled inside, followed by her faithful dog, Komax. She wandered down to the ocean where she danced and played with delight. 

The moon was full and Wecoma ran silver. Ewauna, who did not fear Seatka, swam in the sea, farther and farther from shore. Komax barked a warning but it was too late. The evil Seatka had captured the beautiful princess. The dog, carrying the basket of kittens, swam to his mistress and buried his teeth in the hand of Seatka. Howling, he shook off the dog and threw the cats into the sea. Seatka tried to make Ewauna look into his eyes, but she refused to look away from the great round moon.

When her father awoke, he raised the alarm. Everyone rushed to the shore of Wecoma. There they saw the lovely face of Ewauna gazing skyward. Her dog was on the beach howling for the princess and the cat and kittens were in the sea to the west. In time, they all turned to stone, frozen forever as they were that long ago dawn.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Mother's Day Note from my Mother

I found this in my jewelry armoire today from 8 years ago. My mother's words still deeply touch me. 

My Mother

I am incredibly grateful for the woman who selflessly allowed me to be adopted into another family.

My mother adopted me when I was 11 months old. She not only was my mother, she was my best friend, and I miss her dearly. It's been 17 months since she transitioned from this earth, but I find the grief still too fresh. She gave me an incredible life filled with travel, hiking, camping and fishing and a myriad of other experiences. She was smart, funny, kind and gentle. 

But more than all of that, she loved me unconditionally. 

I hope I am like her when I grow up. 

Mom (Mary Evans) and me, summer 2012, Oregon Coast 

My mother at the Trees of Mystery,

Beach art by Gary for Mother's Day, 2015

Friday, May 8, 2015

Spiritual Maturity: What is it?

This little gem showed up in an email this week, and it is an excellent perspective of what Spiritual Maturity really is:
Being Spiritually Mature
Spiritual maturity isn’t measured by how long you’ve been a Christian, or how much you know, or how often you go to church. Spiritual maturity is measured by the way you treat other people. It’s measured by the love you allow to operate through you.
First Corinthians 13 tells us about the characteristics of love. When we are walking in love, we treat other people with courtesy and respect. Are you kind to the person at the checkout counter that may be moving too slowly? Are you gentle when you are driving down the highway and someone cuts you off? Are you patient with your family and coworkers? These are all ways we show love.
Scripture also tells us that love is patient. It is kind. It does not envy; it is not proud. It is not rude. Love is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love never fails. Notice that these characteristics don’t have anything to do with feelings. That’s because love is a choice. You can choose to walk in love toward people even when you don’t feel like it — and that’s what being spiritually mature is all about!
Father, thank You for loving me so that I can show love to others. Teach me to be patient and kind and treat others the way You always treat me in Jesus’ name. Amen.
— Joel & Victoria Osteen

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy National Interpreter's Day

Here's to all the interpreters who provide access to language! I'd like to include CART and Captioning Providers, as well! 
Text Captioning is language, too! #TextInterpreting #WithCaptions

Thursday, April 2, 2015

"Can We Create New Sense for Humans" David Eagleman TedTalk

I love Facebook. My friends post and share some pretty amazing things from memes and stories to the latest in technology and science.

 Sherri posted this on my timeline. I admit I didn't watch the video, but I DID read the interactive transcript since I couldn't find the caption button. Will this be the way the blind will see and the deaf will hear in the future?

"Can We Create New Sense for Humans" TED2015
"David Eagleman
David Eagleman decodes the mysteries of the tangled web of neurons and electricity that make our minds tick — and also make us human."


Isn't this fascinating and fabulous?

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Speech at "Focus on People Awards" and our interviews

Below are 2 videos from the Oticon "Focus on People Awards" 2014. The 1st video is my speech. I want to thank Teresa Russ for providing the captions for my video. Click the CC button for the captions. If you need captioning added to your videos, I highly recommend Teresa. The 2nd video shows the interviews of each of us discussing our thoughts regarding role models.


Teresa Russ, CSR, CRI
Certified Court Reporter
CART/Provider Captioner
(For the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing)

Oticon's Focus on People Award 
2014 Award Recipient Joyce Edmiston 
Oticon Speech by Joyce Edmiston 
Thank you, Maria.   
I want to thank Oticon, and I want to thank the staff at Hearing and Hearing Aid Services, and, especially, Lisa - excuse me. 
Especially, Cindy Lipman, who was very generous with her time in fitting me with my brand new Oticon Alta Hearing Aids.  They are fabulous.   
And I would like to thank my fabulous husband.  I would not be here today without his support.   
When I told him that I was thinking about writing a blog, he said you should, and when Speak Up Librarian, Sarah WegleyOticon's former advocate of the year award winner in 2011, when she told me that she had nominated me for this award, I was speechless and humbled.   
It was Sarah's blog actually that prompted me to look online for other people who were talking about their own hearing losses, experiences, and there weren't very many out there.  Though we’re a small group, we seem to have a very large readership.   
Through my blog, I have over 47 countries, 47 countries reaching out, looking for others like us and reading our stories.  We're not alone.   
When I started blogging, I admit it was totally selfish.  It was my therapy, but, eventually, people started writing to me and saying, you know, I had this experience, and I had that experience; so I opened my blog to guest writers, and I welcome anybody to join their voice in writing what they feel that's on their heart because, you see, the blog isn't just mine.  It's ours.   
We are the masters of our circumstances, and as masters of our circumstances, we can bring about awareness, and we can make positive changes for our world today, not just for us, but for future generations, and I am very positive that we have the bright shining light of our future with the help of Oticon, and the wonderful generous support that they offer -- the technology, the doctors, the audiologists, the technical geniuses behind the community, and the company, and I thank you.   
Once again congratulations.  Take your award.  Thank you.  You can take this.