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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Letter to Coming Attraction Theaters regarding access for Deaf and Hard of hearing patrons

Here is my letter which I sent to their website on the "contact us" link. I sent a form to each of the categories they offered for comments. I'll post their response when I "hear" back from them.

I took my children  and my grandson to see the latest Star Wars movie in 3-D at pony village cinema on December 27, 2015 at Pony Village Cinemas in North Bend, Oregon. We were charged $42.00
I asked for reasonable, accommodation for my disability (I am deaf) which is access to language via captioning. I had asked for the caption glasses or if the film has open captions.  

Imagine how astounded I was to be handed a pair of headsets, which are totally useless for millions deaf and hard of hearing people. My children kept saying how sorry they were that I did not have reasonable accommodations at a public place - your theater.  

I sat through this long, long movie not having any access to the dialogue of the film. I was not able to discuss them with my children when it was over because I could not share  the content or story of the film because I did not have any captioning. This is an ADA violation. 

My questions are:
How can we get OPEN CAPTIONING for our local theater for ALL movies as Hawaii has implemented for their deaf patrons? 

Millions of deaf and hard of hearing need this access, and open captions is not only reasonable, but for you, no added cost to implement. Your theaters will make millions more dollars for accommodating those of us with hearing loss and deafness.

What can we do to change this? 

Btw... I can't hear on the phone and prefer you had asked for only an email address on this form. 


Joyce Edmiston

Want to add your voice? Contact them here: http://www.catheatres.com/Page.asp?NavID=273#.VrfcI0U77CQ 


  1. Please post a follow up as it unfolds. I am interested to see how it is resolved. How frustrating.

    1. I will do that, Gary, and hoping they come up with a positive response with an action plan to provide access to language via open captions sooner than later.

  2. Me too. I have other friends who discuss this issue with me as well. Progress comes slowly but it happens.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The theater did answer, Gary. I'm not sure if they will continue with the discussion and let us know what their final decision will be, but here is the link to their reply, and my response to their reply: http://xpressivehandz.blogspot.com/2016/02/coming-attractions-theatres-captioning.html