"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." Anaïs Nin

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This One Is All About YOU

It's quite a curious thing of late. I've had a lot of visitors coming and going. I have some that come almost daily, and others once a week, and still others, every other week. The visits occur at all hours of the day and night, a steady trickle of comings and goings.  I just wish I knew a little more about you, Dear Visitors.

Some of us are already familiar with one another, but there are so many of you I've yet to learn about. You have visited from over 40 countries. I tracked your countries these past  2 weeks. Wherever you are from, whoever you are, I would love it if you left a little comment telling me a little something of yourself.  Feel free to post your blog address or other interesting site you like to visit. Please keep this family friendly because I have a young son who often sits with me and likes to see what I'm viewing.
         Check the list below and see what other countries besides yours stop in for a visit:

United States             Canada                   Russia                   France              

United Kingdom         Belgium                   Germany               Thailand              

Australia                    Taiwan                     Ireland                  Columbia            

Honduras                   Malaysia                  Netherlands           Italy                        

Switzerland                 Cambodia               Mexico                  Bulgaria

Latvia                         Philippines               Portugal                  India                  

China                          Romania                  Spain                      Bahrain              

Croatia                        Indonesia                 Ukraine                  Ghana                  

Poland                        Serbia                       Japan                    South Korea

Kenya                        Lithuania                    Austria               Bosnia         and

Herzegovina                Qatar                      South Africa         Brazil         Israel

Turkey                        Argentina                  Finland

    Thank you, each of you who drop by, for reading and leaving a comment now and then.. By the way, if you wish your comment to be just between us, simply say "please don't publish" and I will respect your wish and keep it private. All comments are moderated before being published.


  1. Hey!
    I am Emma and am 20. I am from Australia but was born in Canada. I live in Perth WA. I am a university student in my 3rd year of my bachelors degree in early childhood teaching.
    I work at a cerebral palsy respite home for children- who inspire me and surprise me daily.
    I love watching Friends and Big Bang Theory, love my family and my little baby niece.
    Hope that tells you enough :) I love what you do and reading your tweets and blog.

    1. Hi, Emma, its' so nice to see you! I know you're very busy and I'm so excited to see how far you've come in the bachelors degree program. I'm sure the children wyou work with and will be working with are just as blessed to have you. :-) Have a great day!

  2. I am a 61 year old man that repairs electronic stuff on transit buses. I am "hearing" and had a deaf Aunt and Uncle when I was a child. I never gave it much thought back then--- to me they were just normal people that could not hear. A few months ago when waiting for a bus that needed something repaired I saw a young deaf girl try to get information from a bus driver. The driver was rude to her and she ran away looking very upset. This made me mad and I then decided to learn how to sign. I found a TV program called "Signing Time" that was aimed at kids but I could Learn from it because it is done in a cool way. I had tried a computer training "signing" program but it was so boring it would put me to sleep.
    I have a lot to learn but have made a lot of new friends at the bus station. The deaf people I meet are very tolerant of my very slow "signing" speed but getting better with practice. Hope this does not bore you. Have a mice day. Neil Gray.

  3. It's so good of you to share your story with us, Neil. We are just normal people who can't hear, but fitting in a "normal" world is difficult with the communication barrier. I'm so pleased you found Signing Time! and so pleased you want to help others this way. I'm much slower than I used to be, but overall I find Deaf people to be understanding and tolerant of my efforts as well. Bless your caring heart, Neil!

  4. That was odd to write, because I am deaf, but coming into it late in life, it is Deaf (culturally Deaf) that I learn from.

    1. I know what you mean and I was wishing you a "Nice" day and not a rodent filled "Mice" day. :-)

  5. , Nei

    HAHAHAH! That's funny, Neil!! Don't you love typos? I do!

  6. Hello. You know a bit about me Xpressive Handz, but for those that don't know, and a bit more about myself for you. Well here it goes.

    I am deaf. I wear hearing aids since being diagnosed about my deafness back in 2003, and I write a blog called Liz's Deaf Blog, to let off steam at first, but now I write stuff regarding deafness, that I have discovered helps others. I mainly keep it deaf orientated, but I sometimes talk about other things like my garden.

    I work part time, and i am planning on starting up my business again making handmade cards. But this time online.

  7. Oh. And I forgot to say I'm from the UK. :)

    1. Hi, Liz, it's nice to see you! For visitors who aren't familiar with Liz, her blog addy is: http://lizsdeafblog.blogspot.com/

      Stop in and check her blog out, especially if you are in the UK. :-)

  8. It's a small world. I discovered Signing Time on TV. Purchased DVD's staring Rachel Coleman. Searched YouTube for signing videos to practice ASL. Found Keith Wann cool funny videos. Searched Keith Wann on tweeter. From that I discovered Xpressive Handz. Then notice on face book that you "liked" something that Rachel Coleman did. Everybody knows everyone. Gotta go-- my head is starting to spin. :-)

  9. It IS a small world! What an interesting chain of events, Neil. Everyone does seem to know everyone. When I was living in Europe, a girl that worked in a grocery store was someone I had gone to school with in the U.S. The world is getting smaller all the time!

  10. I live in the U.S., Oregon as you know, and grew up with two awesome cousins who were deaf and their two awesome siblings who were hearing. Every other child was born deaf. First born was hearing, next child deaf, third hearing, fourth deaf. I am one year younger than the second born. I grew up in a family who enjoyed my deaf cousins, but for the most part did not make an effort to learn to communicate effectively with them. When I heard an uncle say that "they were the ones how had the hearing problem, so they needed to figure out a way to communicate with us, I set out to change the worlds perceptions about Deafness. I entered a Master's in Rehabilitation: Deafness program that changed my world. I had the privilege of doing my internship at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, New York at the same time one of my cousins was a student there. I immersed myself in Deaf culture as a way of becoming as fluent as possible in American Sign Language so that I could communicate with my cousins. The difficulty came when I had to move to Illinois for employment (where I continued to immerse myself in the Deaf Community there)and rarely saw (and rarely see) my deaf cousins. I have met a lot of wonderful Deaf people along the way, though!! You are one of them ;-)

  11. P.S. I am really enjoying reading the comments you have received so far!!

  12. Annie, I miss you. Thank you for stopping in and sharing more of yourself with us. I was not only privileged to have you as my advocate/case worker, I am privileged to have you as a friend. Your caring, beautiful heart shines more brightly each year.

    Such interesting people are in blogsphere!

    Have a wonderful day!

  13. I'm enjoying reading this post too. :) Thank you for the mention about my blog Xpresive Handz.

  14. You're welcome, Liz!

    Annie, I should have mentioned both of your blogs, the cottage on the bay that is available to rent for vacationers, or those just wanting a nice place to retreat to http://www.anniescottage.org/

    And your blip blog with stories and inspirational thoughts:

    I hope my visitors come and visit your pages, as well.