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Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Ice Cream Sandwich" Updated Post from Ryan at ClosedCapp.com

Ryan stopped by the blog and announced there is an upgrade on the Android App "Ice Cream Sandwich". I'm an Iphone user, and this isn't available on my phone, however, for Android users, this post is for you!  :-)  Thank you Ryan for keeping us in the loop. His comment and link are below:

Ryan said...

Hi Xpressive Hands, thanks for posting about Closed Capp, I'm really happy you are excited about it. This has great potential to help a lot of people as the voice recognition gets better and better. The newest version of Android "Ice Cream Sandwich" already has a major upgrade to the service, and it's working great. I assure you all that Google has the highest security possible involving their services, so don't be afraid to test it out. I hope you try it and post about your experiences with Closed Capp, I'd love to read about it. Thanks! - Ryan from ClosedCapp.com   http://closedcapp.com/

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