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Thursday, September 13, 2012

This Sunday is ASL Day at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

This weekend is Pirate Invasion Weekend at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in Manheim. Each season, Mt. Hope Estate is invaded not only by pirates, knights and jesters, but also ASL interpreters sponsored by Easter Seals. This year's ASL day is Sunday, September 16th. It's also "Make A Wish" weekend.

The link to the schedule is below. Note that the ASL interpreted shows and times are outlined in black.


Don't forget, if you plan to come back to the shire, you can pick up tickets for half price your next visit if you purchase them after 2:00, before leaving. We always get our tickets for the next visit. Our Bear likes to spend Halloween at the shire, which is also the last night of the Faire for the season.

If you would like to know what's happening each weekend at the Renaissance Faire, you can follow them on Twitter and be up to date on all their events @PAFaire

Visit this page to find our more: http://www.parenfaire.com/faire/weekend6.php

Plan on having a GREAT time! Maybe we'll see you there. We'll be waving our hands .... Aaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  1. Have a great time and please post photos!!!!

    1. We will, thank you!! I enjoyed the ones you posted from your local Faire.

  2. Replies
    1. That was on the weekend of the 15th. The interpreters were FABULOUS! Next year we'll be calling ahead and finding out when it will be so we can bring a larger crowd. Come join us then!