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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Presentation at Lancaster Public Library With CART Services

My friend Laura introduced me to Susan a few months back. She suggested that because Susan and I are passionate about advocating for people with disabilities and bringing awareness to the general public, we would find something in common.

Susan was kind enough to invite me to join her with an upcoming event at the Lancaster Public Library. She will be presenting information about living with a mobility disability. I will be presenting about hearing loss and deafness, focusing mostly with onset hearing loss.

Craig Haggit, Manager, Adult services of Lancaster Public Library has been wonderful helping us prepare for this presentation. The library recently updated their computer system. This makes it possible to have CART services, real time captioning available for deaf and hard of hearing people attending the presentation.

Remote captioning will be provided by Rebecca Tallerico, CCP, CBC of Word Stream Captioning.  

Rebecca explains: 

"Remote captioning of an event is an instant translation of the spoken word into text  which appears on a screen so that people who have less than perfect hearing are able to participate in and fully experience the presentation. The Americans with Disabilities Act specifically recognizes CART/Captioning as an assistive technology which affords effective communication access in a variety of settings, such as classrooms, courtrooms, religious services, doctor appointments, weddings, funerals and other personal events, civic events such as town council meetings, cultural presentations such as Broadway shows and anywhere communication access is needed."  

Rebecca Tallarico can be reached at rtallar@ptd.net

You can learn more about the upcoming presentation "Working With a Disability" and obtain tickets to the free event at 

To learn more about CART, visit: www.ncra.org/CART

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