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Monday, September 10, 2012

Elections and Inclusion

*Disclaimer:  This is in no way an endorsement for one party over another, or one presidential candidate over another. This is for informational, educational, advocacy purposes only:

The two largest growing populations among our voting citizens are the deaf and hard of hearing and our returning vets who have lost their hearing while serving our country.

This quite possibly could be one of the most influential "political" posts I've read this election season. We like to make informed decisions, but if a large population of voters is excluded from important information, you may not get those votes you are hoping for. There is much food for thought in this post over at http://www.redeafined.com/2012/09/uncaptioned-conventions-politics-of-cc.html

Read what my friend, Ken has to say over at Inkling Media

The current president has won over many in the deaf community when he mingled among the deaf at an event and responded in ASL  to a deaf person in this video clip here:

What should we do about this? Be inclusive.  #democratic  #democrat #republican #teaparty #independent #captionaction #showusthecaptions! #captionthis


  1. Sorry- I must learn to keep political views to myself. :-(


    1. I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to share them, however, I just didn't want to open the door to debates on the topic because the post is simply about inclusion and the importance of captioning. That's all. :-)