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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

&$%! People Say to .. Service Dog Handlers

This video isn't captioned, but my friend Laura who trains dogs took the time to transcribe this for me. I've posted the list below the video for those of us who can't hear it. Written by and Starring Morgan Krug, directed by Britt Novitch.

1 Are you disabled?
2 what’s wrong with you?
3 You can’t have dogs in here?
4 You are soooo lucky you get to bring your dog everywhere with you!
5 Woof!!
6 Oh that’s a service dog… my cousin’s brother’s great aunt has a service dog. But they’re ya know …in a wheelchair so they ya know really really need one
7 Are you blind??
8 What if people are scared of dogs??
9 Hidden disability??
10 That poor dog, having to work like that. How can you do that to her??
11 (in a whisper that isn’t really a whisper) Hey go tell security that lady has a dog in here
12 OMG I totally didn’t recognize you without your service dog next you. You look like a totally different person!!!
13 Are you sure you’re disabled??
14 You can’t have dogs in here unless you’re blind. You’re not blind are you??
15 Your dog is so well behaved its amazing!!!
16 Are you Epilectic??
17 Ma am .. Ma am MA AM you can’t have dogs in here. No dogs!!
18 Its so cool you get to train a service dog for some disabled person. It’s so noble of you.
19 (she’s calling the dog 1st) Hey look there’s a dog over there do ya see it?? “hey doggie”
20 But you … you don’t look disabled
21 Ahhhh what is that dog doing in here??
22 So why aren’t you in a wheelchair???
23 Oh Look a service dog (while petting the dog) It says ask to pet me? I asked him I think he says yes!!! (still petting) To the dog : You’re a good service dog very cool
24 What if I’m allergic… then what??
25 OMG she’s like your other half!
26 Oh a service dog??? What branch of the service was she in??
27 Oh your dog reminds so much of my dog at home except a little bigger and different eyes and different color!
28 I wanna see shot records before she comes anywhere near me!!
29 Can you really bring your dog in here??
30 The nerve of some people who think they can bring their dogs anywhere!
31 Oh is that a seizure alert dog?? I really wish my sister had one of those she might not be dead now.
32 No you’re not disabled???
33 Come here doggie. Look at you your such a good pretty dog!! Why doesn’t she come to me???
34 Are you disabled
35 What’s wrong with you
36 What’s wrong with you
37 No really. You don’t look disabled
38 Your so lucky
39 No Really Don’t worry girl you don’t look disabled
40 You’re so lucky!!


  1. Wow just...wow! I am not in need of one and no one my children know personally is either. Therefore I TEACH them the proper way to react. NO touching the dog without the owners permission (and it will most likely be NO since the dog is working!) and do not stare, the owner is a person just like you. People need to get a grip! UGH! (I have seen the "why do they have a dog here, they don't look blind" comment before, and once I even spoke up because the person was rudely whispering in my party!)

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Becka. Good for you, teaching your children proper manners this way. I'm sure there are many more examples we've not yet heard or seen, and hopefully never will. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  3. I had a small hearing service dog. One person approached to me and said that my dog was way too small to be a service dog. Service dog should be a big dog.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Anonymous. Some dogs need to be larger for some needs, such as balance, etc., but there's no one size fits all when it comes to service dogs.

  5. I was told in an airport once that I am "faking it" with my hearing dog (small sized dog) and that only Labs are service dogs. Good to know right?

  6. Sadly Miss Nikki and I hear it all. She is also of a smaller size. But nothing really shocks me anymore as to what people think it is their right to say. :D

  7. That is really sad, Laura.. Thanks for transcribing this for us. :-)

  8. Oh my!! I can't believe people actually do and say these things. What is this world coming to?? What ever happened to a little thing called 'common sense?'

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sara. That's a good question. "Common sense" would certainly be appreciated.

  9. Hi! I'm the girl in the video, just wanted to apologize for not having the vid closed captioned as I'd like it to be! I have the script under 'read more' but I know that's not good enough. Thanks for sharing and hope ya'll liked it! :D

    1. Morgan, thank YOU for creating this video! It has been the topic of conversation on Twitter and FaceBook, as well. Thank you for dropping by! I didn't see the transcript when I first viewed your video, but had I looked more closely, I would have found it. :-) My friend Laura transcribed it for me as well. Your video really needs to be seen by many more people.