"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." Anaïs Nin

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Dreams Are Realities Not Yet Born

As I mentioned in an earlier post last week, one of my dreams when I was a young woman was to be an English teacher. As I began to lose my hearing, I gave up on that dream. How could I teach if I could no longer hear?

A senior pastor from church last week gave a beautiful and inspiring message. He showed a clip from a few years ago when Susan Boyle first appeared on a British talent show. She was a woman in her 40's who wanted to sing professionally. While some in the audience had laughed, shortly after she began singing, everyone was awed by her voice. Her dream had became a reality.

This speaks volumes to me that we are never too old to find our dreams, it's never too late to accomplish them. I am blessed to be living my dream today. Though it is not the English I had originally dreamed I would be teaching, I am teaching something better suited for me. Sign language is beautiful, expressive and artistic. God's plan for my dream was bigger than I ever could have dreamed. I never would have thought all those years ago I would be in my 50's when my life would be filled with the reality of reaching some of my own dreams.

Who knew it would be through deafness my dream would become a reality? Who knew it would be my deafness that would bring so many interesting people and opportunities into my life? Sometimes it may seem to take forever for a prayer from our youth to be answered, but I can honestly say, life becomes sweeter with age, especially with the opportunities and people God sends our way. We should keep the doors open to our dreams and realize there are always possibilities we don't yet see. "Dreams are realities not yet born." Joyce Edmiston