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Monday, April 30, 2012

Need An Assistive Device? Home Modification? No Insurance? Help Is HERE!

Fabulous Husband, our 8 year old son and I recently attended a wonderful event, The Independence In Vogue which featured a fashion show with models of various physical challenges. It was a wonderful display of positive attitude regardless of the challenges we face in life.

Besides the fashion show, there was an array of tables set up with all kinds of mobility gadgets and information. There were various topics up for discussion in the showroom. One of the topics was about insurance, or rather, help you can get when insurance doesn't cover what you need.

While speaking with Tracy Beck, the Operations Director of  Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation   I learned that PATF's mission is to provide low-interest loans to older Pennsylvanians and people with disabilities to help them acquire assistive technology devices and services.

They help assist ANY form of challenge or disability. Did you know that you can have modifications made to your car, or, perhaps even acqure an adapted vehicle? They can help with home modifications. If your special needs child can benefit from and Ipad, or computer, they can help. If you need to have your home looped for assistive devices so you can have the sound of your TV sent to your hearing aids, they can help with that. Tracy explained, "If there is ANYTHING that can assist you and improve your quality of life and you need help getting it, we can help."

Tracy described so many wonderful things available and said if a person knows what will help them, they can contact this foundation and they would be happy to help. They can even direct you to where you can find the items.

Check out their website and learn more about how they can help: http://www.patf.us/ 

I'm going to be looking into a couple of things myself soon. One of them is a fantastic clipboard that is a wireless amplifier that sends the sound directly into your hearing aids created by Harris Communications  It's perfect for the classroom to help me distinguish a little better what the children are saying. I'll be looking into getting one of those for the next school year, but first, I need some new digital  hearing aids compatible with the new technology. My analogue aids are so old, people are telling me they belong in a museum.


  1. Isn't it great? Every state is required to have an AT demonstration center under the AT Act. Many even have programs offering low interest loans so people can buy adapted vehicles!

    1. Yes! We need to find a way to make the information easier to find!

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