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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't Unplug Me

This is unique and creative. A deaf person once told me that when people used SEE (Signed Exact English) it was very "monotone" to them. Perhaps it is because we often forget to add our facial expressions, and also in part it is the same as reading a book of just facts. There is no expression in the information, just facts.

People just learning ASL often have not learned to use facial expressions. We forget that "tone" is expressed on the face with ASL. We who used to hear, then lost our hearing, understand how the tone we use with voices express so much more than our words. (such as sarcasm-which is not picked up by deaf or hearing impaired ears). I thought this video was a great video performed by Kristina and Heath from the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind. There is more about them below the video, and be sure to check out their page.  Lyrics are below the video.

The FSDB Dance Troupe performs an ASL interpretation of the song "Don't Unplug Me" by ALL CAPS.

The performers are Kristina Garcia-Santiago and Heath Humphrey. Both are deaf/hard-of-hearing students at The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind.

Visit the page and channel at the link below:


Don’t unplug meor just shut me down
Please just love mewith your steel heart
I’d reboot youIf you’d look at me
With those cold eyes
One more timeI remember, our software was compatible
I think I felt my circuit board ignite
You held my hand in your metallic grip
We may be machines but I’m in love tonigh
tBaby there is something I have to say
I think it’s time for my upgrade
I would look so good in version two
But I promise that it’s me, not you
Don’t unplug me
or just shut me down
Please just love me
with your steel hear
tI’d reboot youIf you’d look at me
With those cold eyes
One more time
Can you hear me, you haven’t moved an inch
Is this a system failure, what should I do?
Your new interface it seems to have some bugs
You’re not responding, I think they broke you
Hello and welcome to version two
Tell me what can I do for you?
What is a hug that does not compute
Please stand by for my system reboot
Just got the memoabout this upgrade to version two
it removes extraneous programs
that means emotions like loving you
I don’t wanna lose myself
for ever have to say goodbye
I want to hold on to my consciousness
I don’t want to die

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