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Saturday, March 24, 2012

ASL of America's Godly Heritage, interpreted by Tiffany Currier

This is another important presentation I wish were available with Captions for those newly deaf or losing their hearing. I love the history behind our nation that we no longer learn in our schools as we once did. I love the documents we no longer teach or read about. We need to teach our children the FULL history of our nation and how it was founded and why.  Thank you, Tiffany for interpreting and uploading this for us. If anyone can caption, subtitle or transcribe this, many of us will be grateful!

Tiffany posted "Wanted to share a sermon that is special to me with an uncommon exposure of America and it's downward spiral since government has separated from God. Dr. Norman Geisler is a guest speaker at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs."

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