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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Voice Mail Falls on Deaf Ears

IPhones are one of my favorite inventions. However, not for the reason so many people think it is. Hearing people often don't realize that cell phones were a luxury that Deaf and Hard of Hearing people never experienced..until the IPhone came along. What is wonderful about this particular phone is the App for the Hamilton Relay.

I don't hear, so I miss incoming calls, and people forget and often leave voice messages. That's why my number is unlisted and if someone needs to reach me, they text me, then I call the Relay Agent who calls the person for me and types to me what they are saying. Very few people who know me have my private number.

This week, however, I had four voice mail messages. I figured they weren't important, because those who know me, know to text me, or to call Fabulous Husband.

I finally just had Fabulous Husband check them out. They were wrong numbers, and one was a mumbler even he couldn't hear or understand. We figure that was a wrong number as well.

It was suggested I create an outgoing message that simply tells callers to text me. The only problem with that, I may end up with telemarketers clogging my day with unwanted texts. Although, the nice thing about being married to someone who works for the Office of Attorney General is that if we do get telemarketers, they don't call back once they are told we've opted out and they reached someone who can do something about the solicitous calls.

I like the idea of having an outgoing message, something fun and clever. I just haven't figured out what it should be. Perhaps "Your message is about to fall on deaf ears"? Have you a fun, witty, polite suggestion I could use? I'd love to see your suggestion, leave it in the comment box below.


  1. Can you have the option of switching your answer machine off altogether on your mobile?

    This is something i can do with my operator on O2, and I know T-mobile do it too.

  2. Hi, LIz,

    I"m only seeing two choices for the Gretting, "Default" or "Custom". I looked for that option first, but I don't see it. Unless I'm looking in the wrong place? :-)

  3. T-mobile did have an option for Deaf users to block outgoing and incoming voice calls. Don't the other companies that handle the iphone do that?

    Just with texting alone, the cell phone has become a wonderful took for anyone deaf!

  4. I dont know if its available on the iphone, but on my android, I have a VM-to-text program. Results vary tremendously though!

  5. I love the testing features! I've not found any option on my phone to turn off the voice mail, and I've not found the VM-txt feature...but I have an older phone. It's time to upgrade. It may just be a matter of time before they figure that out.

    It's good to know that T-mobile has that option. Someone looking for a phone may read your comment and that may help them decide who to go with.

    Thank you for sharing that, Anonymous!

  6. Iphone only gives you the choice to change your outgoing message you can't just turn it off. I'd love that myself. Let me think a bit about something witty and smart that you can use ... I love this idea!!!

  7. Thank you, Laura!

    Btw...that link your shared for Thanksgiving Songs had the perfect little song for the children. In fact, the Signing Tribe (10 brothers and sisters) are giving a presentation to their family in Sign at Thanksgiving Dinner. We've been invited, and I can't wait to see them share this at the gathering.