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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

FaceBook and Google are doing it wrong

I have lost my first original FaceBook page simply because I would not provide a phone number. Now Google is badgering me for a phone number when I log into my blogspot page. I wonder how many Deaf and Hard of Hearing people don't have a phone, or if they do, do not relinquish the number.

I have run into this problem with companies time and again. They refuse to provide an email for contact and yet, if you call them through the relay they hang up on you. Or, they leave countless voicemails that just sit in your box unheard, unanswered. I wish someone who knew the heads of these companies would explain they are being discriminatingly inaccessible for a growing population. The frustrating thing about this is how more companies are doing this. I just got badgered by Google. How long will I have my blogspot before they, too, delete me for not providing a phone number?

How have you handled this? Have you lost any accounts for not providing a phone number yet? What can we do to get the attention of these companies so we can offer them other options for those who are Deaf and Hearing Impaired?


  1. I have not experienced this yet. ButI will never give my number out to Google. And when I used to do FB, I never gave my number for that either. Just a second email instead which I kept private. So it would not appear on my profile.

    When I was on FB. I felt I had a choice to give my number or not. Do not give yours. Your account should not be affected because you did not do that. Otherwise I say ditch FB, if its a must providing it, cos I would not trust them with my life.

    Its time FB went.

  2. The relay thing is spot on. So many companies have no clue what a relay operator is. And thanks to telemarketers everyone assumes that's what the relay service is too! As far as FB - they don't have my phone. Google has it, but that's for security. Whenever I log onto G+ or gmail from a new device I get a text with an authorization code that I have to enter to continue. They also give you the option to have it be a voice call if the user prefers. They use this to help make sure it is actually me. As far as voicemail... we have Comcast for home phone and it can transcribe voice mails and email them to you. Google Voice (which is free) also does this.

  3. Thank you, Liz and Yehdoos, for your comments. This week, I also have a blog post coming up about telemarketers and the new "do not call" list you can opt out your phone by using your email. This is the latest news from the Office of Attorney General. Kudos for them making it accessible for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired to opt out easily.

  4. give them a fake phone number


  5. That is certainly a good help for everyone.

  6. I avoid social sites, result, no problems.