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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cool Lyric App Discovered by Deafinitely Girly

Deaf Girly found a fabulous app that allows you to see the lyrics to songs that are currently playing. She even had lyrics come up in English from a song sung in Spanish! Read about her discovery of  the FREE app here:  http://www.deafinitelygirly.com/2011/08/great-iphone-app-for-deaf-girly.html I found it and downloaded it myself. I can't wait to try this out!


  1. Hiya! Thanks for the mention. It's a great app isn't it. Now all I have to do is work on my singing voice... haha!
    Deafinitely Girly

  2. You're welcome. It is a Fabulous app! I love how it not only shows the lyrics, but high lights the line that is being sung at that time in blue, instead of showing a block of lyrics like other caption
    HAHAH I quit singing sometime ago, myself, don't play my guitar anymore, either.

  3. Cool. Does that mean I need an iPhone?