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Monday, July 22, 2013

Captioned Video of the webinar about the Fortissimo Phone is now available

Karen Latimer, the Assistive Technology Assistant at PIAT Institute of Technologies notified me that the captioned webinar of the Clarity Fortissimo Phone is now available for viewing. Check out this FABULOUS new phone and all it can do in this video:  


Equipment Name: Clarity Speaker Phone Fortissimo

Clarity Speaker Phone FortissimoThis speakerphone gives "one-touch" access to dialing, answering, and memory scanning functions from up to 40 feet away. Phone can be dialed by using the one touch number, the wireless pendant, or a connected switch. Headphones may be added to the pendant for privacy. Additional accessories may be added-call program for information.
HEADSET OPTIONS - One of the following headphones may be added to the pendant for privacy:

Headband: an over the head style that covers both ears with sound (Must be able to put over head and on both ears)
Two ear buds that have foam covers and fit completely in the ear (Must be able to use hands to put small device completely in each ear)
One ear clip that slides over the top of the ear (Must be able to use hands to slide clip over the outside of the ear)


Appropriate for people who... HAVE THE ABILITY TO: Program needed phone numbers into the memory buttons or have assistance to program in memory buttons, activate the switch (by pressing standard buttons, pendant or switch); YOU NEED TO: Have a hands free conversation, activate phone with remote control or switch (push a button of some kind).


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