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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Video of Sony's Access Glasses for Theaters

Here is a glimpse what the new Sony Access Glasses are like. This video is presented by Regal Cinema, however, they list names of other theaters that currently have them available as well. Pretty cool, isn't it? Be sure to check out the links at the botton of the page how you can be part of Show Us the Captions campaign at theaters this November and learn about the woman behind the campaign, one of Oticon's Advocates of the Year, Sarah Wegley.


Sarah's blogspot http://speakuplibrarian.blogspot.com/2012/09/show-us-captions-is-going-national.html

 Be sure to check out the Show Us the Captions! Facebook page to learn more https://www.facebook.com/ShowUsTheCaptions



  1. I tried Sony Access Glasses first time last month. It was cool and easy to use . First time It was a bit uncomfortable with eyeglass arms above the ears but adjust bit to feel comfort.
    I will go movies anytime I want .

    1. Thank you, lavender16, for sharing your experience with us!