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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My FREE Caption Call Phone Arrived! You Can Get One, Too

My CaptionCall telephone has arrived! We had a few glitches getting it hooked up. It requires an internet connection AND a landline phone number.

There are some GREAT features that come with this phone. One of them is the captioned answering machine. People call my iPhone and leave voice messages, but  I never get them ... because I'm deaf. With the CaptionCall, I'll never miss those messages again! Of course, the only downside is I have to be home to read those since it is a land line, but that is better than not getting messages at all.

Also love that it saves all my calls, everything anyone says during each call is typed and saved so I can go back and see what was said, word for word. Some people may not like that you have a record of the conversation you had with them, but this is wonderful if you ever have one of those "I never said that" kind of conversation. I wish I had one of these about 10 years ago for this very purpose. 

While you are having a conversation and the person you're talking with gives you a phone number, the computer will check that number to make sure it is the correct one. How cool is that? You don't have to worry if you wrote the number down correctly either, because there it is on the screen. You can also save the number of the person who called simply by touching the "add contact" on the screen.

This phone can be customized to your audiogram. By simply moving the lines on the touchscreen, you can tailor the frequencies to match your hearing loss so the phone automatically boosts those frequencies you don't hear. AMAZING!

A wonderful option this phone has, that some other captioned phones don't is the wireless choice. With this feature, I can put the phone right here on my coffee table next to the computer. Or over at my desk. Though it is wireless, that doesn't mean it's cordless. It has to have power to run, so you do need an electrical outlet nearby in order for it to work.

To get a FREE CaptionCall phone of your own, go to https://www.captioncall.com/CaptionCall/Default.aspx and if you sign up for one, please use my code as a referral: CEN70189

You will find testimonials by  Leslie, Ruth, Shirley and Don over on the CaptionCall channel of how this phone has helped them with their hearing loss.

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