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Monday, October 1, 2012

I Went to Get Hearing Aids and Found Out I Need Surgery

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

John Lennon put this so eloquently.

I was in the process of putting all my plans together for this autumn,  scheduling the classes I would be teaching, preparing for college courses to complete my degree, and some fun adventures planned in between. I was looking forward to attending a wedding and seeing our friends.

As I was preparing to return to college, I decided I would need a new pair of hearing aids. I had an appointment with a Dr. of Audiology near my home. She asked me about some of the symptoms I was experiencing. Because they are related to hearing loss, she sent me to an otolaryngologist

During the initial exam, the otolaryngologist checked how my thyoid felt. He decided to have an ultrasound done on the thyroid in addition to having an MRI done to check things around my ears.

The good news, there is nothing new going on with my ears.

The ultrasound, however, showed a few things going on in my neck. Besides having a thyroid much larger on one side than it should be, there is also a nodule on it. There is also a mass growing up behind the thyroid along the nerve and around my windpipe.     
I've put all my plans on hold for the moment, cleared out my calendar for the rest of the year to take care of this. I have been extremely tired this year, not feeling myself, and now I know why. I was thinking the other day as tired as I am. I am looking forward to the rest, though I wish it were under different circumstances.

My daughter is sooo fabulous! When I told her about the surgery to remove the thryriod and the nodule, as well as the mass growing along my nerve and around my windpipe, she simply asked, "Is that good or bad?" She grounded me by asking that question. I answered, "It's only bad if it stays in there. It's good if it all comes out."

So, am I worried? No. It's all good. With the thoughts and prayers of my family and friends lifting me up, I know I am in good hands all around, especially within the hands of the God of All Comfort.

Fabulous Husband and I will be sending a nice flower arrangement to my audiologist. I am exceedingly grateful she referred me to the otolaryngologist. She may well have added many years to my life. It's interesting how I went to get hearing aids and found out I need surgery.


  1. Sending best wishes for you sugery.

  2. Oh my, Joyce, I've fallen behind in reading and look what's happened! I'm SO grateful they caught it! Bless you, Dear Friend! Praying for you!

  3. Thank you, Annie, for your prayers . :-)