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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NYC ASL Interpreted Broadcast of Sandy Update

*** Update thanks to gerbilonwheels**** "Click the CC button to see the closed captions on the video. Below that you'll see the bar with like, dislike, etc. On the far right is an interactive transcript."

I looked for CC at very beginning as I always do, and it is not working. But there is the transcript. It isn't labeled "transcript" opening, you have to click that print icon..which I thought was something for printers (which I don't have here at home). Thank you, Gerbilonwheels!

+++ please see my note at the very bottom of this post +++

This is a FABULOUS demonstration of how media should provide camera coverage for the ASL interpreters to communicate the message to the deaf and hard of hearing citizens who sign. PENNSYLVANIA MEDIA PEOPLE, please pay attention to how this is done. (Governor Corbett, Pennsylvania had an ASL interpreter and the media totally ignored her and cut her out of the picture. Media needs education.)

While the ASL is excellent, where are the captions for the deaf and hard of hearing who do not know sign language? There are no captions for them!! These would be the deaf who were not afforded the education to learn sign, the deaf who lost hearing later in life, such as our senior citizens and our young returning soldiers who have lost their hearing from the war, just a few examples.

Let's have inclusion and start using total communication to reach all our citizens.


+++ btw... I'm recovering from surgery and the pain meds have caused me to be rather incoherent with my words and typing. I apologize. I need to get back to resting and healing, and leave the blogging for when I am fully recovered.

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