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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Police Brutalize Yet Another Deaf Person. We Need To Stop This NOW

This is yet another video of a deaf person being attacked by those who are to protect and to serve. How many deaths, unjust brutality and unjust arrests will it take before Police Academies adopt deaf awareness training before officers graduate? When will more police departments have deaf awareness training for their officers yearly? The video was uploaded by Editor Charlie Swinbourne. Be sure to read the links he's provided in the article about other recent deaths and attacks of deaf people by police and security officers. Police Departments need to be held accountable in these situations. See my post of how the students at Maryland School for the Deaf are training a Police Department on Deaf Awareness at the bottom of my blog post.

See my post about a video with Deaf students in Maryland teaching Deaf awareness to Police officers:

We need training programs just like this example (listen to the deaf, save a life)

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