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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Deaf Girls are Risky on Valentine's Day?

I respect these two gentlemen and their thoughts.. They open themselves up vulnerably and honestly. Another interesting episode, Gentlemen.

Be sure to subscribe to their channel and come eavesdrop often-you never know where the topic will lead.

Episode 21


  1. I like "Dine and Sign". The young man's deaf father surprised me about not wanting his son to date a deaf girl. The father is truthful about his feelings but think how a deaf girl would feel finding out her boyfriends father didn't like is son dating her. Video is kind of sad when I think about it. Maybe I am just thinking too much?

    1. Hi Neil!

      Thanks for liking "Dine & Sign", it's great to have the feedback and interest. I think my Father's opinion stems from the fact he doesn't want my life (and future children's life) to be weighted down by deafness. He does say my personal interest in women is up to me, but gives a warning on how deafness is a hold up.

      I appreciate your comments! Hope to hear more from you! If you'd like, you can follow me on Twitter (@LaffRaff) or subscribe to our channel.

      Thanks to Joyce for posting this! :D


  2. Thanks for stopping in, Neil. They are just discussing personal preferences from their experience and perspectives from what they have lived. I think it is admirable how they come at their views being considerate toward one another, thinking of how choices affect not only their relationship, but future relationships. I also like how free they are to discuss these things with one another.

  3. I think it is really funny. Are you guys from Massachusetts? I prefer to marry Deaf girl because I am Deaf

  4. I believe the gentlemen are from Massachusetts. I hope your find the Deaf girl of your dreams and both of you be happily married. (btw... I met my Fabulous Husband online several years ago at relationships.com) :-)