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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Are You Up for the Challenge? Stop Bullying NOW

My friend Wendie posted on FB tonight that Friday, Feb. 10th she and others will be wearing purple to show the stand against bullying. It is P.S. I Love You Day - Anti-Bullying. This is a good time to post and share this particular video. This video was made by Gallaudet University students. They present us with a challenge we should join together. Now. Today.



  1. I very proud of Gallaudet grad students to teach and tell to stop cyberbully. Yeah true we must be brave intervene a person who cyberbully. I saw several men cyberbully on YouTube, DVTV, etc etc.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Anonymous. It is wonderful how the students are so proactive, and teaching through videos like this. I am proud of these young people, too. Have a great weekend!

  3. I seen this video a couple of months ago and found it very good. It gets the message across.

    I have had one or two cyberbullies in my time. One I clearly caught them out straight away some years ago when I was on Wordpress. This person was trying to be Anonymous, but they matched with themselves when I checked it out, when they written as them. I kept the evidence and clearly stated in a blog post that if I was to get one more, I would take it to the police, and show the evidence. Thankfully they seen sense and I did not need to use it. Another bully seemed to be more of a pest. Again I was warned this person would do it. But I got on fine with this person, until their colours changed down the line. Simply I have to block and ignore. So I do have a strong feeling on this subject, because I know what I have seen on tv, others have had it much worse than me, and affected them big time. Some taking their lives because of cyberbullies.

  4. Liz, thank you for sharing your story with us. I'm so sorry you even had to experience this. You handled it very well. The young people mentioned in the video and their suicides over the insidious behavior toward them is heartbreaking.

  5. It certainly is heart breaking to hear, when they feel they have to do what they do. I used to hear it alot on the news at one time, where someone from my local area or roundabouts would committ suicide, because bullies had pushed them that far.