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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Political Correctness and Signs

This is an interesting article about the how politically correct signs are taking the place of the more offensive ones.


  1. we've had this a while, they seem to centre on racial/colour/disabilities signs. There is an particular sign in the UK that is seen as very offensive to people with MH Issues, its very basic and descriptive ! We've had debates on them,.,mostly we ignore PC,because we believe it is about context, and not about opinion or disrespect. Sadly there is an hard core of various activists who want to stop deaf signing anything that may point to the person. The sign for Africa is the same as the sign for an black person, this caused ructions with the PC people, but we still use it. Much sign is based on visuals/mime that's where the deaf fall foul today of the PC nonsense from BOTH sides as they endeavour to make sign some academic/purist thing, it's communication, and often in its most simplistic form.