"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." Anaïs Nin

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My View of the Commotion Surrounding the Video of Sarah Churman

I am concerned about how so many of us are treating this woman's experience.

I have a friend, Deaf since birth, who reads lips better than I. She speaks well, and most people would not know she is Deaf. She has had to sign for me what others were saying to me, and help me follow the conversation.  I used to be able to hear well when I was young, now I am deaf.  We are all at different communication levels and needs. What works for some, will not for others.

We should be be happy for this woman in the video to have found something that successfully works for her. This is her choice, and we should respect that, just as we would want our own choice respected if our choice were NOT try this technology.

We should not think that because a person makes a choice different from our own that it is a personal attack on our own preference or lifestyle choice.

We are free to make these choices and to follow the pursuit of our happiness. We should respect this same freedom for others. This is a protected right.

Congratulations, Sarah Churman! I'm so pleased with your success and happiness.


  1. Quite, of course the primary message is deaf is bad hearing good. which tends to ram home the fact deaf awareness has still not managed to convince people where it counts it has any positive value, even with laws. It puts back 'equality' with hearing yet again. I found myself happy the lady could hear something, and envious I have to admit. So obviously even deaf people see an lot of positivity in being able to hear something. It cements the medical model of deafness as the prime driving factor.

  2. All those who attack Sarah for her big leap, not for herself, but, farther away from the deafhood core, will be remembered very very dearly.

    I guarantee the eternal remembrance of the hatred of the folks who attacked this brave woman.

    I will display this hatred to parents of deaf newborns and they will decide what's best to do with the baby's hearing loss.

  3. I wish her all the best too. The nasty comments I spotted I did not agree with either there, something I discussed about on Speak Up Librarians blog after she talked about this there regarding the lady hearing, and explaining the Esteem.

    I discovered I got attacked there by an Anom commenter. Which I now wait on Speak Up Librarians blog for my comment back to this person who I found sharp.

    I take the Anom was thinking I was meaning something harsh on Speak Up Librarian blog herself, and not that I meant about nasty comments via where the original video clip came from. Jumping to wrong conclusions, which most people including you and Speak Up Librarian will know I did not mean that.

    The comments I found on original site (You Tube) I could not believe how nasty some could be. (I guess I'm discovering this like some things) As you say, its dowwn to one person experience. We are all different and so our responses will be different too, on how we relate to new hearing technology we use. Something we should respect that person for like you say. Its our own individual right.

    Good post Xpressive Handz.

  4. Thank you for reading this post and leaving your comments. Liz, anyone who has read your blog and posts would know that you are a kind and gentle spirit. :-) My Fabulous Husband recently pointed out to me that people who don't know you will often read your post in "their own voice". If something can be taken two different ways, they will take it in the spirit they interpret it before taking into account there is a different perspective.

  5. Hi Xpressive Handz,
    That's a very insightful comment by your Fabulous Husband.
    Hopefully we can all find common ground in admiration for this woman's willingness to share her journey and help raise awareness of the hearing loss experience.
    Thank you for writing in support of her.

  6. I think we who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing SHOULD support one another. We of all people understand the difficulties.

  7. Thank you very much of your supportive comments Xpressive Handz and Sarah, and also from your husband with those wise words that I never thought of in that way. It really means alot to me.

  8. That's why I think he's just so FABULOUS! You are very welcome, Liz.