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Friday, September 23, 2011

What Does It Mean?

Have you ever had a hearing test done by an audiologist? I've had a few. However, they really don't tell a person a whole lot. They show you a graph with lines and peaks where your hearing is, and where it should be if it isn't "normal". There are decibels and percentages, which for a person math and numerically challenged, they mean nothing.

Then, there are the definitions, mild, moderate, severe and profound hearing loss.

I always end up after having such tests wondering, "What does it mean?" The answers never make sense because they go back to the numbers, percentages, decibels, and the terms mild - profound. I've never even seen the term "deaf" on those.

They need to explain the results in simpler terms. I have some ideas.

Mild - just turn the volume of everything up a little and ask the mumblers to speak up.

Moderate - Get hearing aids NOW.

Severe and Profound - Use the Closed Caption button on your TV so you don't disturb the neighbors or wake the dead from their peaceful slumber. You're deaf.

I wonder how long I've been saying "I don't hear well" when I could have simply been saying, "I'm deaf".

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