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Thursday, September 1, 2011

This is so sad. The school should reimburse this family

This is horrible. It's not captioned, but the story is typed below the video for those who can't hear it. The school did not protect this little boy, therefore the school should at least pay for his damaged hearing aids, perhaps find another way to get him to school, perhaps an assigned driver to prevent this in the future. I would suggest bathroom and hall monitors so this doesn't allow for any more opportunities of any kind of bullying.


  1. That's horrible!!! What wrong with those bullies? Ugh. Poor kid. Unfortunately, it is impossible for bus drivers to monitor behavior on the bus while he or she drives. I used to ride the school bus and no one bothered me, but I could not believe some of the behavior I witnessed.

    This is part of the reason why I suggest to some of my students to take out their hearing aids when riding the school bus (put them in their boxes in book bag). The other reason is because the bus can be extremely noisy. I remember taking out my hearing aids during my bus ride home because it was noisy. But, thankfully no one bothered me about my hearing aids or cared that I wore them.


  2. They really should have monitors on the bus as well. This is excellent advice, (e! Thank you for passing that along, it may help other parents to read that.