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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Door Bells and Music

Today, the maintenance crew was to come to our home and change the filter on our air units. I found the new filter sitting outside the front door. Evidently one of the new guys saw my sign on the door "Delivery person, please leave packages at the door. I am deaf and cannot hear the doorbell." He did just that. I had Fabulous Husband call the main office to let them know that I was home and it was OK for them to let themselves in. A short time later, I noticed a hand waving across the room, and it was the nice young maintenance man trying to get my attention to let me know he had changed the filter and was all done. The new fellow that came by earlier was confused by the note. It's frustrating not being able to know when someone is at the door.

Sometimes, I like to get into the car, take off my hearing aids and turn the music up to hear it like I used to. I have to turn the cd  up to "MAX" and can only make out the song by the rhythmic pattern and beat, and knowing the cd well enough which song should be playing. If there is one thing I miss dearly with hearing loss it is music in its natural, authentic state. Hearing aids often process music into the sound of an old am transistor radio, and sometimes with bad station reception.

It's not just the communication issues that we struggle to deal with when we experience progressive hearing loss and deafness, but the day to day situations. The things I used to be able to hear and took for granted, things I didn't appreciate until I started slipping into the silence.

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