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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Roswell, New Mexico and the International UFO Museum and Research Center

When we began to plan our journey, the one thing Bear wanted to see was Roswell New Mexico and learn about The alien landing and see the museum. He's really into all that kind of stuff.

As we pulled into Roswell, aliens were EVERYWHERE! There were aliens in the windows, along the road, benches and the McDonald's was designed like a spaceship. This city really knows how to be fun and capitalize its uniqueness. Bear said it would have been cool if the police cars had aliens as their logo, but decided if they did that, people may not take them seriously if they were causing trouble. That's a good point.

What I didn't plan on, was to discover how fun, interesting, fascinating, and a bit disturbing the International UFO Museum and Research Center is. In case you're wondering what it was I found some disturbing about the center itself, it is the section regarding implants and alien abductions, the photographs and stories on that topic. I'll leave the rest of that up to the UFO Museum coast-to-coast a.m. formerly hosted by Art Bell and now hosted by George Noory.

Having said that, I spent two hours in this place enjoying every moment. 

I especially enjoyed the southwestern artwork that was displayed throughout the
center. I was also quite impressed with how well the research center was put together.

It's really a great place for kids to browse through and it really holds their attention. Our little guy really enjoyed himself.

I asked the friendly woman at the information counter if she had any stories to share with us. She told us that the National Geographic film crew from Italy had been there filming the week before, and they had a person with them that had the disorder that caused them not to grow or develop normally. He spoke no English, and had an interpreter with him. She said that people actually thought he was working for him because the disease gave him physical characteristics that looked similar to the features of aliens. He later came and told them at the desk though his interpreter that he wanted his space ship back. She said he was fun and humorous and seemed to really enjoy himself, and they enjoyed having him.

They let us take photos to share a small glimpse with you. 

A happy hippy UFO

This has got to be by far the best tinfoil hat assessory I've ever seen - fashionably trendy :-)

On the left is an Alien Walkingstick

This is an ancient stone carving

This is the mural inside the research center.

There are some videos and more information for you on their website here: http://www.roswellufomuseum.com

next post will cover Albuquerque and our visit to the National Petroglyph Monument. 

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