"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." Anaïs Nin

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Our Journey: Graceland, Memphis, TN

Today, we drove from Nashville to Memphis via I 40. We left around 10:00 this morning and arrived at Graceland RV park and campground ( http://www.graceland.com/visit/graceland_campground.aspx ) around 3:00.

We could not pass Memphis without visiting the home of Elvis. http://www.graceland.com

****see photos at the bottom of this post****

We are just 1 block's walk from the entrance to the tours, the private jets, and Graceland is across the street. We took tours of both planes, then hopped on a bus that took us across the street to Graceland. Though it is not pretentiously huge, as so many celebrity homes are today, it is spacious and tastefully grand for the era it represents.

The tour through the grounds are self guided, and there are iPads freely distributed if you wish to use one. I had my hands full with B. Bear, and Gary was busy taking photos, so we opted out on the iPads.  There were so many fascinating fixtures, decor and interesting rooms, B. Bear never once said, "I"m bored", which is rare for a 10 year old active boy. B. Bear hasn't had much exposure to Elvis as we have, so I'm quite pleased he went through the tour as well as he did. Someday, when he is older, he will realize the significance of the music culture of today's tour. He will be able to say we brought him here. I like knowing that.

There is a restaurant called Marlowe's ( http://www.marlowesmemphis.com ) that boasts, "Elvis ate here." Their gimmick is a free Pink Limousine ride to and from the restaurant. True to their word, the limousine picked us up right at our camp space, dropped us off, and then brought us home after we finished dinner.

The menu is strictly southern, and quite reasonably priced, and the service was outstanding. Thursday nights are Karaoke, but we were tired and wanted to come back and just chill. The showers here in the bath house are wonderfully hot and relaxing.

September is a wonderful time to come to Memphis and tour Graceland. Kids are in school, the tours aren't crowded, and it's not too hot to enjoy the weather. There are many mature tourists, and families usually had very young children in strollers. People from all over the world were here. We talked with people from Japan, New Zealand and Germany today

Our Pink Limousine ride to the restaurant 

The final resting place of Elvis in the meditation garden

The Jungle Room

This isn't double exposure-this is a mirrored stairwell.

Elvis' real hair color was light brown. He began dying his hair black because his favorite icons when he was a teen had black hair- Tony Curtis and Roy Orbison.

His parent's bedroom  

The first room on the right when we enter through the front door


  1. Beautiful place. This is where my Mum would love to see if she had the opportunity.

  2. I hope you both get to go. It is a fabulous place, Liz!