"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." Anaïs Nin

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tour: Philadelphia and The Red Owl Tavern

As many of you know, Daughter came to visit us a few weeks ago.

We had a lovely time showing her the sites of Lancaster County, where we currently live, as well as several other cities... such as Philadelphia.

 As we neared Philly, we decided we wanted to have lunch first. I posted on FaceBook that we were arriving in Philly and taking suggestions. My friend, Kym Bozarth of Deaf in the Kitchen suggested we try The Red Owl Tavern

If you want a FABULOUS lunch experience, we cannot say enough good things about The Red Owl Tavern. It is on the corner across from The Liberty Bell with a view of Independence Hall. We dined outside, enjoying the view as we watched the horse drawn carriages maneuver city traffic, the rambling tourists and Philly dwellers strolling by.

When we stepped up into the tavern, we were welcomed personally by Brian Crawford, Floor Supervisor.


We were given the "reserved" table outside nearest to the street corner with the best view. Our waitress, Kristina Little was very patient with us as we
asked about the menu.

The view from our seat:

 My daughter and I were personally escorted by Brian when we asked directions to another part of the Hotel Monaco. Look at this beautiful ship chandelier:

The lunch menu offered such delectables! Fabulous Husband had the vegetarian chili.

 He said it was "VERY good". This is very high praise coming from a carnivore.

 Daughter had the burger of the day with garlic fries which she gave a hearty, "Oh my gosh, this is so good!".

 I, being from a small west coast fishing port, chose the fish of the day, which turned out to be grouper. The photos just don't do this justice. My lunch arrived, a silver bucket with fries loaded on the bottom, and a nice serving of the fish layered on the top.

The grouper was lightly crispy outside, tender, flakey, flavorful on the inside. It was scrumptious! The sauce that came on the side was simply heavenly.

However, despite how wonderful our lunches were, I have to say that The Red Owl Tavern simply outshines when it comes to this...

Ice Box Cake
I think we may be coming to Philly more often just to have lunch at Red Owl Tavern.

Here is a photo Fabulous Husband took inside the tavern. It is loft style, with tables in the upper level overlooking the main floor.

This is how Fabulous Husband takes "selfies": a photo of himself reflected in the window.

* There is more information about the tavern at the bottom of this post *

 Liberty Bell,:

Independence Hall

The home of Betsy Ross and her final resting place
If you wish to visit these historical places, and other famous Philly sites, we highly suggest you come visit Philly in the Fall Season on a weekday.

The weather is FABULOUS, and, because kids are in school, there are fewer tourists. Fewer tourists means there are no lines. I also want to add that the people who work at the security check points are not only "deaf aware", they also Sign if they know you are deaf.

* Here is more information about The Red Owl Tavern *

Red Owl Tavern
433 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA  19106

We hope your visit to Philadelphia is as fabulous as ours was!

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