"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." Anaïs Nin

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Vision Is Limitless

Part of my Reiki training involves a mentorship program with Rickie of Reiki by Rickie. Recently when we sat down for one of our appointments, Rickie asked me, “If money were no object, what is your vision? What do you want?” She told me to write it down. I went home that evening and this was what I wrote:

My vision is limitless and money is no object. In fact, money flows freely to us and abundantly into the center which supports itself and the employees/contractors above and beyond everyone’s expectation. We give back to the community with events and shares, and we provide a free service to charities of our choice.

The center I created will provide jobs for skilled people who are good at what they do, knowledgeable, honest and sincere and have taken Reiki workshops. Each person employed in the center is happy to be here, and add their skills, talents, ideas and pleasantness to the center. I pay the employees/contractors well and treat them with utmost respect and care, and they in turn treat us and everyone else at the center in kind.

The practitioners that are interested in teaching are offering workshops of various interests and topics, though we are known for our excellent service in teaching and providing Reiki sessions. People come from all over to experience what we have to offer.

I would like to have a similar set up with the practitioners as ReikiSpace & Learning Place. ReikiSpace is a wonderful service model to follow. We have fully outfitted rooms available to us for our practice that affordable, and we are happy to be a part of ReikiSpace.

The Reiki center I have envisioned has workshops for families with new babies, teaching parents how to share Reiki with their infants and young children. We have Reiki workshops for kids geared at their age groups. We are very popular with teens, as well as with college students.

We run various specials, such as, one month a special for teachers, another month a special for emergency personal, another month a special for those working in law enforcement, etc.

Because we have such an excellent, highly skilled staff, I am able to focus mainly on sharing Reiki one on one with clients myself in an atmosphere that is suited for my own communication/deafness needs. Our staff is capable of teaching new practitioners, and providing a Master/Teacher program for those who are interested.

We are Deaf friendly, providing captions and/or ASL interpreters for workshops and classes. We have put Reiki into the "hands" of  our local Deaf community and have Deaf Reiki Masters teaching classes and giving Reiki sessions.

We are also fully accessible for all kinds of disabilities. We have a person on staff trained to know how to meet all the needs and deal with all the issues any disabled person may have, whether it is blindness and needing some items in braille or other accessory needs. There are ramps and an elevator for wheel chair access. This well trained staff member has foresight to see any issue and is able to create a solution in advance that is individually appropriate for each person coming to the center.

The ground floor has a storefront with books and various healthy items for purchase. There is a door that leads to the receptionist and waiting room for clients coming for sessions or classes.

There are several rooms for Reiki practitioners to have sessions on the main floor.

The Mountain Room has scenery and sounds related to mountainous regions and the hues of the room are various shades of green This room has beautiful live foliage, similar to a green house, fountains and a very large aviary with a few happy songbirds. I found this sweet little image:

The Ocean Room has large windows with ocean views. There will be a soft soundtrack in the background of the waves and seagulls for ambiance. This room has a saltwater tank of colorful happy fish. The hues in this room are blues, grays, white and touches of yellows.

I captured this sunset over the ocean in 2012 along the Oregon Coast 

The Midnight Room, has deep blue hues, with glowing stars on the ceiling, curtains running along the walls, draped similar to something out of Arabian nights. This room has a Middle-Eastern nighttime desert feel. The table in this room has Egyptian sheets. A hint of a light scent of an exotic desert flower wafts through the room for added atmosphere. The room is dimly lit for a feel of relaxation and sleep for those who have sleep issues. The ambience in this room is dreamy and calm.

There will be other themed rooms available.

Upstairs is the great room and it is an open floor plan that is the size of the entire center with views of the ocean. There is a fire pit or wood stove in the middle of the room, and an area where there is a small fridge, tea and coffee maker and a microwave.  Plants, fountains, various seating nooks are spread around the room. I have a weekly knitting and crochet circle of crafters coming and sitting together while we work on our projects.

I took this photo while visiting the Oregon Coast summer of 2012 

Adjacent to the center is a private day care for the employees and the children of clients with a certified, trained staff of child care providers. This service is free to the clients who come with their children for the length of their session. It is also free for the employees. The play yard is surrounded with a 6 foot tall wood fence for privacy. The playground is similar to the one in Enola’s Imagination Station where Bear liked to play.

There is a self –contained cottage on the grounds for visitors or guest speakers to stay. It is private, and we have our own cleaning staff as well as a personal chef who works with food sensitivities, and the chef is knowledgeable and versatile with all forms of ethnic and vegan foods.

We also have on our grounds a fitness center with state of the art equipment, weights, sauna, whirlpool, hot tub and swimming pool. Personal trainers are on staff to help maximize workout sessions for employees who would like a little extra help and support. This is no cost to our employees. We want them to have every opportunity available to them to maintain the utmost health and fitness. It is there if they choose to use it.

There are trails that lead down from our center to the beach, and through the nearby woods. Our woods and beach are safe, and are a haven for us, our staff and our clients. Fabulous Husband is in charge of hiring security detail and making sure safety is top priority.

We are well connected with professionals, care givers, and others in the community who offer health services and we are in good relationships with everyone.

There is peace, harmony, compassion, laughter and fun surrounding our center. Everyone who comes feels comfortable, welcomed and happy to be here.

Our son, Bear makes solid lifelong friends, and he is happy. He is doing well with school, making good choices, enjoying the freedom of riding his bike and exploring the neighborhood safely, climbing trees, running on the beach and doing all the fun normal things boys do, and doing them while make safe, good healthy choices. He is well balanced, happy and thriving. Bear finds his niche and also finds his talent and contributes his part in the center, too.

Bear on the Beach

Fabulous Husband’s photography is fulfilling and he is taking on only projects he is interested in doing and wanting to do. He is a respected artist. He is doing what he loves, happy and thriving and fulfilled.  Fabulous Husband has a working studio of his own, fully staffed with the best employees/help to offer high quality photography.

I am blessed to have the means and creativity to provide this wonderful center and see the positive influence it has for others in our community.  The pride our staff and friends have in this place we have created together is tangible. It will be just the right size, intimate, but not too big for itself, well maintained, eco-friendly, self-contained and well known for its excellence and quality of service. It will be a mainstay for the Reiki community in our area for many, many years to come.  This center will provide well for us and take care of us all the rest of our lives, because it is our life journey and service together as a family and as a community.

Be sure to hop over and learn more about ReikiSpace & Learning Place here: http://www.reikibyrickie.com/


  1. This is how to create a Vision! FEEL it NOW! The details will take care of themselves for the Highest Good and Greatest Joy of ALL! Love you Joyce!

    1. Thank you, Rickie! Thank you for the mentorship program, your excellent advice and encouragement. I love and appreciate you, Rickie!

  2. I like the idea of ReikiSpace, wish it was slighly closer to me :-)

    1. :-) It's a lovely center. I wish you were closer, too, Kym!

  3. Thank you for such wonderful and interesting article.

    Limitless Family

  4. Thank you for stopping by and reading the post, John!