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Friday, October 4, 2013

Scam Targets Captioned Telephone Users

I received this forwarded notice from Nancy Kingsley, our Pennsylvania State Director for Hearing Loss Association of America:
From: AccessInfo [mailto:AccessInfo@fcc.gov]
Subject: Notice to Caution IP CTS Consumers About Possible Calling Scam
 The Commission has received information that consumers using Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Relay Services (IP CTS) may have received calls from one or more persons purporting to be from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), requesting the consumers to schedule a visit to the consumer’s home regarding the consumer’s IP CTS phone.
 The purpose of this notice is to alert all IP CTS consumers that the FCC has not been scheduling any home visits to IP CTS consumers.  If you receive a phone call from any individual claiming to be from the FCC who wants to schedule a home visit, we recommend that you do not provide any information to the caller, and do not agree to let the caller into your home.  In addition, we request that you please report such calls to the FCC’s Disability Rights Office at 202-559-5158 (voice/videophone)or  Gregory.Hlibok@fcc.gov.


  1. That is the same scam I read at http://www.callercenter.com and I find it very helpful that we get updates like that all the time. Keeps us from falling victims to phone scams.

    1. Thank you for sharing that IMPORTANT link with us! I've often checked calls by "googling" the number and it generally sends me to this page or one like it. Not everyone knows these are available.

      Thank you for reminding us!