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Friday, November 30, 2012

willUstand Is Searching For Youth To Add Sign Language to a Music Video

I received a tweet from Heather Gere a few days ago looking for young people to add their Sign Language "voices" to a new video promoting bullying prevention. "We would just love to include some footage of youth signing along to the lyrics."  I offered Heather an opportunity to guest post today in hopes to help her with her search. I'm sure some of you can help her find ASL and BSL signers for this wonderful campaign featuring young people making a difference. All the information is provided below. Spread the news, and if you're a young person, or you know young people who could get together and add some "Signing voices" to the video, contact Heather and help make this happen. The deadline for video submissions is December 15, 2012.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
willUstand is a bullying prevention initiative by Vermont 12-year-old, Charleigh Gere, who is using music to empower bystanders to stand together against bullying. Stand, the anti-bullying anthem, inspires youth to be the “one voice unafraid” to stand for others because all individuals, regardless of their differences, are worth standing for. willUstand offers a free download of the song and lyrics.
To help share the message of Stand in a meaningful way, willUstand is inviting youth to participate in the creation of a crowdsourced music video. Submissions should visually illustrate the themes of standing up for others and/or being the “one voice unafraid”.
"We would just love to include some footage of youth signing along to the lyrics." 
One of the themes willUstand has specifically requested is a clip of youth signing the chorus of Stand. Here are the lyrics: 
Cuz all it takes is one voice unafraid to say...
I will stand beside you
Will you stand with me, dig your feet into
The earth, cuz they're worth
Somebody to catch them
Let's join together
and Stand.

I hope you’ll participate and spread the word!  The deadline for clip submissions is December 15 and here are the submission guidelines.  You can follow willUstand on Facebook and on Twitter at @willUstand.
Bystanders are the majority. Imagine what could happen when the majority pledged to stand together against bullying.
For more information, email info@willUstand.com

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