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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"What Would You Do?"

It's appalling what the 3 people who work in Recruiting and Human Resources said to the manager. "Just accept the job application, but don't call."

I love how the gentleman near the end of this clip stepped up and said, "I don't see how you can expect things to change in this country when no will give anyone a chance. It's an affront to America." We need employers like him. We need people like him working in Recruiting and Human Resources. Then, we WILL see change because people will giving others a chance.



  1. I would have spoken up against coffee shop manager right away. This reminds me of the airplane that took off with ice on it's wings, hit a bridge and crashed into a frozen river. A passer by man jumped in and saved a drowning woman. A lot of policemen and firefighters were just standing on the riverbank watching her drown. How can people see something they know is wrong and not do something? Neil.


    1. Hi, Neil,

      You were like the nice man in the video when you tried to speak up for the deaf person at the bus. I'm so glad there are people like you and the man in this video. There are a lot of good, kind helpful people out there. I'd like to read more about those kinds of stories these days than what we've been getting bombarded with lately. Maybe if people saw more stories and examples of people being kind, there would be more random acts of kindness being committed than crimes.

      Have a great evening!

    2. This is off your subject but-- I just got my Baby Signing Time Instructor certificate. I went to the Signing Time web site and entered zip code 93308 and there I am listed already. Very exciting. :-)

    3. Congratulations, Neil!!! The Signing Time Academy takes very good care of its instructors.