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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Winner of "Turn A Deaf Ear"

I'm pleased to announce the winner of the book giveaway, "Turn a Deaf Ear" is Leslie! Leslie, please email me at xpressivehandz@hotmail.com with your name and mailing address so we can get the book shipped to you.

My friend Sarah over at Speak Up Librarian has written a wonderful review of the book. She is running a similar contest, so it's not too late to enter to win a copy here: http://speakuplibrarian.blogspot.com/2012/06/turn-deaf-ear-book-review.html


  1. Yay!!! Thanks so much!i will email you my address as soon as I get home,

    1. I got your message and your book will be on its way by the end of the week. Happy reading!

  2. Good review of the book, I'm hoping to read it one day, I will have to put in a request at my local library.

    1. Thank you, Anonymous! What a great idea -requesting your local library to add it to their shelves!