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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

#captionTHIS is Trending On Both Coasts, LA and DC

I've been checking in and out of Twitter throughout the day. It's so exciting to see the campaign trending across our great nation, in the UK and other countries as well. #subtittlenow is the European equivalent of the US #captionTHIS event.

My friend Ken Mueller has not only taken the time to read the posts and watch the #captionTHIS video over at Deaf Politics, as well as the Dine and Sign Promo for Deaf Awareness Movies  but he has taken the time to write an exceptional essay on the topic. Please take a moment to read what Ken has to say to businesses everywhere.

Click to read Ken's post here: Inkling Media

With all of us joining together in  one voice, we are making a difference, not just for ourselves here and now, but for the future, as well. We did a good thing today with the positive #captionTHIS campaign.

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