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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dear Netflix

My name is Mrs. Edmiston and I have always enjoyed my movies from Netflix. However, I am unable to fully access your streaming videos to my tv. You see, I am deaf and I rely on your website for movies but I cannot access them because the videos are not captioned. I know I am not the only one and I strongly encourage you to caption your streaming videos so that I and the million of viewers with hearing loss can access your information.

Please do the right thing and start providing equal access by captioning your online videos. 
Thank you. 
Mrs. Edmiston
Xpressive Handz


  1. Mrs. Edmistion,

    I read your blog about the captions on movies from Netflix. I do enjoy some of your blogs. However, I will have to disagree with you on this. First of all, I am also deaf. I have several devices that can connect to Netflix. All of them do have caption capacity. It do depend on what devices you are using. If you are using a Smart-Tv or a third-party device, it is possible that their firmware (software) don't have caption capacity. If that is the case, then you should contact their company about upgrading their firmware. There is more information about this:


    I do applause Netflix trying to get many movies/tv shows with captions as possible, compared to other movie streaming sites. Remember, Rome wasn't built in one day. I would recommend you to look at a Roku box as I love it with their caption capacity. Their website is:


    I hope this will fare you better.

    1. Thank you for your input. However, I don't have a new or smart TV. Other things work fine, just not Netflix. Many others are having the same issues besides me. Some have older equipment, some have newer. We already poured money into one system that doesn't work, we don't want to try another right now after the hassel we went though. The device and company told us they were set as they should, but netflix wasn't. So, we're getting a run around between two agencies. We're not the only ones.
      Again, I do not have a smart TV, and really being deaf, we have to spend so much money on so many gadgets hearing people take for granted. There must be a simpler solution, somewhere.

  2. This comment was left for my by Greg Flint over on Facebook:
    Greg Flint Most of the movies are captioned. However, smart TVs aren't capable of supporting it yet. You should buy a Roku for around $50 and you'll have captioning. www.roku.com
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    The Roku streaming player is the market leader in streaming entertainment devices for the TV. Roku streaming players are renowned for their simplicity, variety of entertainment choices, and exceptional value.

  3. This tweet just flew by on Twitter:

    "Carl Sego ‏@lirnev
    After multiple calls and messages, Netflix still won't fix their captions/subs on Roku 2, they are unreadable! #captionTHIS"

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