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Monday, May 21, 2012

Tweetings in Meetings Keep Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the Loop

My friend Stephanie recently posted an open invitation on Twitter for a Social Media Club meeting. Fabulous Husband and I signed up to attend. I saw that it was for "social media" enthusiasts. This aptly describes me, seeing how the internet and social media has gotten me involved with getting out among people once again. Rather than staying home because I can't follow everything being said, social media has introduced me to a variety of intersting people and groups. However, I have to say this was THE BEST meeting I've attended outside of meetings where real time captioning has been used.

Because this was a Social Media Club meeting, tweets were encouraged! With tweets from others in attendance that day, I did not have to miss points being shared. With a designated hashtag set up, even people unable to attend were able to have access to the highlights. What a concept!

I would even go so far as to suggest churches put something like this into action if they are unable to do real time captions. Set up a designated "Tweeter" from a designated Twitter account along with a hashtag for the services for those who have smart phones, or even for those who are at home unable to catch the service in person. Be sure to announce and publicize this feature, along with the chosen hashtag so users know it's available.

No one has to miss important information with the help of Twitter and the real time possible solutions. It's also a great way to share lecture points from the classroom. Twitter can be its own meeting and classroom footnote all in and of itself, but it's much nicer to see the faces of those tweeting across the table and experience it all in person. For deaf or hard of hearing person tweetings in meetings are ideal concept.

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  1. Twitter is a very cool tool that can be used in many different ways. Text is powerful in communication especially in the digital world where you can link and set hash-tags to create mini communities. :)