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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Big Rock Stars Acknowledging ASL Interpreters and the Deaf

Here is a short clip of Bruce Springsteen dancing with the interpreters at one of his performances and joining in with the signing! It's time camera men and media catch interpreters at work and acknowledge the deaf audiences and their language and share them in the media, don't you think?

"Dancing in the Dark" with the Boss himself:

Here is the article with the story behind the video, and a mention of Tom Petty and one of his Heartbreakers signing to the deaf in attendance.


  1. I like Bruce Springsteen. have an album of his. So nice to see this as not heard anything a while of him.

  2. :-) He will always be "The Boss" :-)

  3. I cannot believe that one interpreter telling someone in the audience "take a picture of me!"
    Wasn't she supposed to be working?!