"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." Anaïs Nin

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Part 2: This Deaf Girl Found A Great Way to Rebuild Confidence

Yesterday, I re-posted an article I wrote about accepting an open invitation from Stephanie on Twitter to join her for a class at Direct Action Tactical. Today, I'd like to share what an unusual and unique experience it has been these past couple of weeks. I'm learning more than what to do in a tough spot, practical things, such as how to avoid certain situations, to think and stay calm in the midst of turmoil, and I'm becoming more self aware.

I'm learning that as a deaf person, I may be more vulnerable in some areas, but in other areas, I have some advantages. I'm learning what I can handle, and what I need to work on.

Best of all, I've found a great group of people to be learning with. They  make sure I'm getting the information I need, making sure I understand the information and the movements, and that I'm doing it right.

We are all at different levels in the class. For some it is review and for others of us, it's our first time. Repetition and practice are essential keys for me.

Much of what we are learning is physical, simply "Follow the Leader". All of the instructors and my classmates are GREAT at giving me visual cues. Even one of the children of one of our instructors got on the floor yesterday and showed me by example how to do a "Russian Twist". The instructors are right there working out along side of us in the Fit to Fight classes.

There are actually 2 different classes that I have taken so far, the Women's Only Self Defense and Fit to Fight. My main focus is on the Self Defense class, and the thirty minute warm up before the class is just as intense as the hour and fifteen minutes of Fit to Fight. The lessons of Self Defense moves and manouevers are about an hour long. The size of our group is small and intimate, ranging anywhere from 2 of us up to about 8. I love connecting with the women here. We are all different ages, builds and backgrounds. We are discussing serious issues and challenging situations, and we are also having fun in the process.

I wish all women could take a class like this because it truly does build self confidence and self awareness. It challenges us deal with our own weaknesses and builds and strengthens us not only physically, but mentally. There are mind sets that are beneficial just in phrasing things differently that can help a person in many stressful situations even beyond the training center. I've already started to practice removing the word "can't" from my vocabulary and looking at what I can. I hope to never have to use the phrase, "Not today" in the context by which we learned to use it, but should that ever be the case, I know I'll be counting on it to help me get in the right mind set for that moment.

I'm sure there are many other benefits I've not learned as yet, and I'm looking forward to seeing what those are. It would be nice if one of those benefits will be to be able to outrun my 7 year old, or at best, keep up with him.

*** For the men - and the more adventurous woman - there are the incredibly intense Krav Maga classes available.  ***

I heard also that the teens love the Youth Impact program. When our son is old enough, we'll be enrolling him, as well.

You can visit Direct Action Tactical here:  http://directactiontact.wordpress.com/

I have already met one of the personal goals I set for myself, and I'm going to keep practicing the others until I'm no longer practicing, but doing.

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