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Friday, August 1, 2014

Part 4: Mastery of Change by Sean Morgan

Hello, this is guest blogger Sean Morgan. I have been sharing installments of my book "The Mastery of Change, Choosing Mental and Emotional Wellness" on Joyce's wonderful site. For the past few posts I've been focusing on letting emotions flow through our bodies and examining the underlying beliefs that cause them. The most powerful practice I have used in my years on this earth has been inquiry. Specifically the work of Byron Katie has been extremely helpful to me as I've worked through many arguments with reality. Over the years, using this technique, I've found a way to explain why it works. This is very useful to people with curious minds who may not the practice without a thorough explanation. I hope you experiment with the practice and that it brings you peace.
Using Inquiry To UnRoot A Belief
An Interpretation of the Mechanics of Byron Katie's Inquiry Method
This technique, when applied, can drastically eliminate suffering from
your life. Before I discovered it, I had no idea that my thoughts
were so filled with resistance to reality. Even so-called "positive
beliefs" about how "people should be kind" or "no one should go
hungry" were causing the opposite of their intentions. At first it
seemed that I had an unlimited supply of beliefs to deconstruct.
Indeed, I've spent years at this practice and I have not run out, but
I sure don't suffer as much anymore. This technique can be used in
the middle of the moment of suffering with great success. The process
is both relieving and humbling, and I am honored to share it with you.
1. Identify that you have a negative emotion by noticing the feeling
of stress in your body.
2. Entertain the idea that your perceptions are causing it, and you
have a choice to do something about it.
3. Be willing to explore the choice to let go of your beliefs in
order to avoid repeating negative emotions.
4. Identify the belief that causes the negative emotion by listening
non-judgmentally to the story of your inner voice.
5. Identify any other primary beliefs which are causing the secondary
belief (this is a broad, overarching system of beliefs or a mentality that causes all related thoughts and beliefs.)
6. Determine what the exact opposite of your belief is. If your
belief causes negativity, its opposite will cause positivity. Now you know the belief that will work better for you to be a happy and positive person. You'll find that the belief is always more loving, empathetic, allowing, empowering, and mature. The negative belief is always more petty, self-serving, unallowing, resistant, fearful, and unloving.
7. If you're willing, your mind will start to realize all the ways
that the new belief is true.
8. Think of specific ways that the new belief has always been true
for you in your life.
What does this stressful emotion feel like in your body? (ex: Nausea
in my stomach.)

Could your perceptions be causing this emotion?

Do you have a choice to do something about this situation?

Write down the story that the voice tells in your mind while you feel
this emotion.

What is the main belief that the story is based on?


What is the exact opposite of the negative emotion-causing belief?

List three specific ways the opposite of the negative belief is true
in your life.

Once your mind starts to explore a new way of interpreting reality in
a way that makes sense to itself through these references, a new
pathway is being engrained: one that causes positivity.
Are you willing to take responsibility for your emotions?
Can you recognize that you are poisoning your own being with negative
emotion-causing beliefs?
Can you recognize that you are affecting the world and everyone around
you in a negative way for the rest of your life if you hold onto this
Do you have the humility to let go of your most engrained patterns?
Are you willing to practice the new belief and recognize when the old
one rears its head again?
People identify with their beliefs and are afraid of loss or ego death
when they start to let go of them. Hang in there. You are not going
to die. This process is about proving to your rational yet fearful
mind that negative beliefs will not serve its survival. For more
information about Bryon Katie and inquiry go to TheWork.com.

Love Is The Answer To All Great Questions
Sean O'Donoghue Morgan

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