"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." Anaïs Nin

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Specific Emotions that Weaken Organs in the Body

I had just come through one of the healthiest years if my life. While everyone around me had caught colds and flu last year, I breezed through with good health.

My mother passed away in December, and I came down with a mild cold in February. My mother was more than my mother, she was also my closest friend. It  has been difficult adjusting to her not being here. While I go through waves of grief now and then, the loss is still fresh. I am still processing the grief and loss.

I've had a nagging cough since that cold in February that had gotten worse. I was not only keeping awake night after night, I was keeping everyone else awake with it as well. 

A visit to the doctor's office last week brought to light that I have developed bronchitis and a lung infection. The appropriate medicines were prescribed, and I have whittled back my appointments and projects to take time for extra rest and to heal. 

Then, I saw this posted on Facebook. I did not know grief affects the lungs. It makes sense to me, and I'm going to start paying attention to these emotional and physical connections and learn more. 


  1. Eye-opening WOW at those fundamental facts.
    I look back on such periods of anger, grief, stress, fear, etc.. and see the connection. No wonder that fibromyalgia is a consequence of those (if sustained for a long time) episodes.
    Thanks for sharing and hugs from me to you across the miles for your loss. You can, and will, do your mum proud. Be yourself in those moments. xx

    1. Thank you, Pennybsl! I wish I had known about all these things when I was younger. Hugs to you!