"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." Anaïs Nin

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guest Post by Keith Wann

I want to thank Keith for agreeing to share  his story with us here today. 

We are privileged to have a small glimpse into his life where he once was an ASL interpreter and how Keith's priorities brought about a career change. 

It was unheard of...rarely done! I retired from interpreting. A coda, native signer, certified, the Michael Jordan of interpreting...I left. I would like to say it was because I finally earned a million dollars, but there is no such thing as an interpreter who has earned a million dollars profit from interpreting - the pay may look high, but after taxes and insurance and other costs, the pay comes out comparable to other staff jobs, except we have the perceived freedom of being our own bosses...but if you don't work, then you don't get paid! I worked morning to night, often 12 hours to only be able to bill for a few hours through three different agencies.

I still have the performing gigs on weekends, but it is harder and harder to leave the beautiful family I have always wanted - being a late parent, 44 as of this year and having two children ages 2 and 4,  I want to stay at home and experience these precious years, the years of growth and learning.

So now I have jumped into the home business, where I want to do 12 hours and get to have 12 billable hours of being there when my wife or kids need me. Some of you may have heard of "LegalShield".

Formerly called PrePaid Legal, it has been around for 40 years and offered affordable legal services for us, the normal people. Before, Justice only served those with the most amount of money. But now that has all changed. It is hard to believe that for less than the price of a bottle of water a day, you (and your family) have access to your own provider law firm. How can you get access to quality lawyers for pennies a day, when others have always paid $200+ per hour?

Let me explain how... it is not your $1 or so a day, but rather that dollar multiplied by the many members in your state, each paying that little amount. That adds up to a large amount of money. LegalShield pays your law firm to provide services to members in your state. So, whether you call the firm with a $3 problem or a $3,000 dollar problem, you are treated as one of the firm's top clients every time! The power is in leveraging the collective clout of the large dollars.

Never again in your life do you have to let anyone take advantage of you. If you are ever treated unfairly, call your law firm, and they can review your rights and even get involved to flex your new legal muscle! If you get a speeding ticket, call your attorney. Ready to buy or lease a home or car? Call your attorney. Ever have an issue with your cell phone service or cable company? Your law firm is waiting to help you. Don't choose to "wing it on your own" in life. 

My wife and I were members for 8 years before we decided to become licensed insurance agents with LegalShield. So we earn money like the person who sells you car insurance, health insurance and life insurance. They get a commission from the sale and get residual income for every month you keep the membership. It has been a leap for us, but the name I built up as an interpreter, and mostly as America's funniest ASL comedian, I proudly have aligned my name with this product since we have seen it work for us and others. This is not a get rich quick scheme for us, but something that is an investment in our family, now and in the future.

For more information in ASL www.GreatLegalBenefitASL.com/wann - or www.CheckYourRights.net

All the best,
Keith and Emilia Wann
LegalShield Independent Associate

Keith and Emilia Wann

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