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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Simple Tips to Help Maintain Healthy Hearing Throughout Your Life

This is a guest post by John O'Connor These are good tips for us to pass along to our hearing children, friends and family. While many of us may not be able to hear, we should be able to pass along healthy tips to help preserve the hearing of others, and to help preserve any little hearing some of us may have left. Thank you John for being a guest and sharing these helpful tips with us.

Simple Tips to Help Maintain Healthy Hearing throughout Your Life  

Maintaining healthy hearing is not something that people think about every day.  Because hearing is such a natural thing, many people do not give it a second thought until there becomes a noticeable hearing problem and medical attention must be sought in order to find a solution.  How a person lives can play a big role in a person’s overall health, and this includes hearing health as well.

Manage Communications and Media/Entertainment Volume Control
Many people can relate to the story of growing up with parents or grandparents who were hard of hearing.  This often led to young children growing up listening to television and radio programs turned up extremely loud so the adults in the home with hearing problems could hear what was being played.  As a result, numerous children have lost a portion of their hearing by the time they reached adolescence.  Adjusting the volume and taking control over the volume around a home is a great way to begin managing your hearing health.

Keeping the volume turned to a moderate level on TV, car radios, electronic devices, and cell phones will help a person to maintain healthy hearing for a prolonged time.  Many people in modern times remain “plugged in” as often as possible.  By “plugged in”, it is meant that a large number of people use entertainment and communication devices excessively.

Falling asleep with headsets on listening to loud or medium-volume music can have a lasting, negative impact on a person’s hearing.  Constantly leaving a cell phone or other communication device on a high volume can potentially be harmful to the way a person hears.  Keeping electronic devices turned as low as possible and still function will be a big step towards maintaining positive hearing health.

Dealing with Partial Loss of Hearing
For numerous reasons, there are many times when people lose their hearing from natural causes, work environments, and other sources that cannot always be helped.  When partial hearing is lost, all hope is not lost.  Many times, a person’s ability to hear can be restored through the use of hearing aids.  Hearing aids are used by both children and adults who experience problems hearing fully on their own.

Seeking out medical advice and treatment is recommended for individuals who are currently experiencing a loss of hearing.  Addressing the problem quickly and speaking to a medical professional about options and how to manage hearing health is a great way to be proactive and to make sure a person is doing all he or she can to care for their hearing health.  

The National Institutes of Health has a website section dedicated to informing people on how to protect their hearing and to know when to seek medical attention.  Following the symptoms and guidelines listed on this website can be a big assistance for anyone concerned about their hearing ability.

Johnn O'Connor


  1. Does the 'Deaf' community ever enter into this 'prevention/hearing preservation' campaign ? So far they are either ignoring it, or against on the grounds it makes them look bad.

    1. I think they are more sensible than that, MM. The people I know would want to take care of not only their ears, but make sure their loved ones took care of their ears as well. It is no different from eye and vision health.

  2. I'll believe it when I see a 'Deaf' charity supporting a campaign, they don't here !

  3. Keep your ear plugs in your pocket and use them when the noise level is too high. Always make a point to keep the volume of your music player or television set low.

    1. Thank you, North London Hearing Centre, for another great suggestion!

  4. Keep your ear plugs in your pocket and use them when the noise level is too high. Always make a point to keep the volume of your music player or television set low.