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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Feel the Music, A Short Documentary about Sign Language Interpreters

My friend Sarah asked if I had seen this short documentary about Sign Language interpreters who specialize interpreting at live music performances. I had not seen or heard of this short film until she left their link on one of my posts. This is only a little over six minutes in length, and I think you'll enjoy learning about what they do. Be sure to turn on the CC if you need the captions.



  1. I found this very interesting. I have heard about this, but not seen them till seeing this video. I am loosing what I know in BSL, and I don't know ASL,but watching this video, I got the feel for the music by watching the interpreturs.

    They do a brilliant job. :)

  2. They do, don't they? My Fabulous Husband used to watch the interpreters at church during the songs, and he said they really put the feeling into the song to where he could understand, even though he was only just learning to sign. When he watched "Bohemian Rhapsody" with ASL, he said the signs added meaning to the song even for a hearing person.

  3. I loved this! Thanks for sharing. I have interpreted a few musicals and music (smaller arena), and I completely agree. This kind of work is incredible and I too strive to bring the same passion and emotion the artist brings to music.
    Music is universal.

  4. Thanks for stopping in, April!
    I greatly appreciate people who have the skill to interpret. It is not an easy thing to do, and it is not a service everyone can provide. I appreciate anyone who can do this and has the heart to do this for us. :-)