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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I've Opened my Reiki Practice

I'm so excited to share with you that I've set up my Reiki Practice here in Bandon at The Synergy Center. This article is a little outdated, but it tells you a little more about what Synergy Center is all about. It is a priviledge to be working with Jackie Day and the other professionals that have made Synergy Center what it is.

Currently, I facilitate 2 Reiki Shares a month. Anyone who has had at least level 1 Reiki training is invited to join us. We meet together and exchange Reiki as a group.

In addition to the shares, I am now offering private Reiki sessions to clients, and soon offering classes of each level.

Come take a peek at our Facebook page, and support it by giving it a "like" while you're there. I would really appreciate that.


You'll find my email address on the Facebook page if you want to know more about Reiki.


  1. This is wonderful news. I am a Reiki 1 but never went any further. I am a big believer in this and use it often.

    1. Thank you, Gary! I'm so pleased that you took a level 1 class. Daily self Reiki care is incredibly important, and one of the best things one can do for preventive care. Perhaps it's time to think about a level 2 so you can use it more effectively on others and animals. :-) It is amazing what Reiki can do! I love seeing the difference in my clients from the time they walk into the treatment room, to the moment they get off that table.